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    Progress form.
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  • The Experiment II: Kratos, RESULTS

    author Puma

    The Experiment II: Kratos has ended. 15 weeks of struggling with diet, trainings, technique and weights is now over. Read how the natural bodybuilders fight for muscle mass!

    MNBBC.COM’s Team with a genuine pleasure would like to provide you with a complete documentation of the Aggressive Mass Mesocycle. It’s an extremely exhaustive collection of data. A complete training program for each phase that the participnats went through. A full training log of every member of EII group. A live relation including weights and diet. You get all the information. No taboos, regardless success or failure. The purpose is to let every reader draw complex conclusions and learn on sb’s else mistakes or triumphs. It’s the biggest possible KNOW-HOW of aggressive muscle mass building for natural bodybuilders. We give you the complex documentation with pride and being aware that you won’t find such a huge portion of knowledge served on a plate on any other site on the Internet! - the redaction of MNBBC.COM.


    Building muscle mass is surrounded by so many myths, nonsenses and marketing tricks that I wholeheartedly feel sorry for all those who are just starting their adventure with gym. In case of aggressive mass, you can have an impression that it is either a taboo subject or a topic reserved for a mysterious group of experts nobody has every seen or heard of. Informational chaos, quasi-theories which are mutually exclusive, programs having absolutely nothing to do with muscle mass and – this is the current state of manner.

    It’s been so - until now. The idea of conducting an open experiment, fully devoted to aggressive mass building comes from the desire to show precisely from A to Z, what a person attempting to build mass aggressively might expect. We wanted to present the obstacles they may encounter and mistakes they should avoid. A complete guidance, based on experience of real partici.pants who trained hard for 15 weeks to improve their physique.

    The contestants where chosen to represent different age, types of physiques, weight categories and both genders. Each of them is a passionate amateur bodybuilder – that’s for sure.

    To be as close to reality as possible, the 15-week mesocycle included mass building phases without the physique peak. Why was this only marketing phase omitted? The reason is simple - it’s inefficient counterproductive and done only to promote supplements and other crap. In addition, everyone who cares about mass gains won’t do it anyway. We got rid of the element pulling the wool over your eyes.

    What is the peak during aggressive mass cycle? Nothing else than a sudden and deliberate water loss and cutting down on carbohydrates. The purpose is to make the partici.pant look as good as possible. There’s one problem though - after such a phase, they can’t get down to reduction. The radical step brings chaos to the hormone profile. The organism gets a slap in the face just after the bodybuilder has finished struggling for 15 weeks, giving his best, trying to increase the metabolism as much as possible and prepare the body to a long and health reduction. Calibrating the diet, pedantic adding and cutting down on nutrients - all the hard work goes to hell just to look fine for 5 minutes. Where’s the sense and logic in that?
    It can be called reasonable only if the aim of the cycle was to take a few “nice photos“ in order to advertise supplements and increase the sale. From my own perspective – it’s just unfair.

    You can’t bulk up all the time. After a proper mass mesocycle it’s time to get down to a solid reduction which will let you continue your makeover – you shouldn’t start everything from scratch again. Suffice is to say that 99% people are „never-ending newbies“. If you kill the cash cow you won’t get the physique of a real champion.

    The mesocycle was ended just before the last deload. Those partici.pants who have a fair 10 days off, will grow by 5-15% thanks to the phenomenon of supercompensation.

    Every bodybuilder will go through an aggressive mass mesocycle couple of times in his life. Someone has to finally show the truth.

    The second very important point in the aggressive mass cycle is strength. Without the strength progress in basic compound movements you can’t even dream of mass gain. It’s the absolute and undisputable truth. It’s hard to accept it because it means hard work without those fancy isolation machines.

    Very often people ask, here on MNBBC.COM, about the strength proportions for beginners, semi-advanced and advanced bodybuilders. Let’s make things clear. A beginner is someone who’s able to do a full set with:

    1,5 the weight of his body in squat
    1,5 the weight of his body in deadlift

    Everyone who doesn’t fulfill these conditions is still during the phase of learning how to perform exercises and improving their posture. I can’t imagine anyone claiming to be an advanced bodybuilder and not being able to squat and deadlift 3 times of his body weight with the proper technique. All over the world there’s a strange tendency to lower the expectations and award “trying“ instead of “achieving“. Thus, the majority of people aren’t motivated enough to fight for strength and mass and because of the lack of motivation can’t progress to the higher level. The results are the same as always - young people start using steroids.

    Building strength is a simple and uncomplicated process. It requires the proper technique, regular work, consistency and a plan. There are no sophisticated rules, which are common in mass cycles. The key phrase is: use your brain while working out.

    If I got a nickel for every answer to a question about strength, every member of MNBBC.COM crew would be driving a Maybach now.

    It’s like providing a newbie with Schwarzenegger’s plan instead of a plan for newbies. The effect would be the same - none.

    Strength, as well as mass, density, agility, speed or any other training factor undergoes a systematic gradation. Beginners have a huge, inexhaustible potential for growth. Making a full use of it (transferring it into loads on a barbell) can take 1, 2, even 3 years of hard work. During this period, you add new plates on the barbell week after week.

    Step by step, every smart bodybuilder will be 2-3 times ahead of a guy choosing to train according to plans of world-class lifters.

    This way of periodization is the so called linear periodization, a daily bread for every sportsman (often forgotten by all those quasi-coaches). It’s a well known, tested and checked method of periodization for both, total beginners and intermediate bodybuilders. It’s one of the few strategies developed and scientifically proved by a couple of academic generations. Scientists, leading coaching pioneers, coaches from the past, present and future generations: they will always promote linear periodization as the best way to begin working out. Why? Because if you look from future perspective, it builds 3/4 of your PB’s. Only if you’re sure you’ve fully exploited linear periodization (various forms: full, shortened and quasi-versions), you can make use of others.

    Experiment II: Kratos included the basic form of linear periodization incorporated for 15 weeks. No special effects or strengthening methods. Pure linear periodization. Everything is designed to let everyone estimate how much strength they can safely gain in 15 weeks. Natural way, no supplements, everything’s achieved thanks to your consistency, diet and determination. A total opposition to the overwhelming propaganda and drug mania.

    Let’s look into the documentation.


    E2 can be labelled an educational, or to be more precise - reeducational experiment, for the majority of contestants. We’ve expected it to so from the very beginning, as a large part of the group (over a dozen) consisted of people who had never trained hard before and their knowledge came from rather unreliable sources.

    What we haven’t expected was such a big number of mistakes and negligence simultaneously. We are not saying it was their fault though. It rather gives you a picture how uneducated were those, who had trained them before.

    Those problems do need a closer look up, as everybody who wants to build elementary mass and strength will encounter them some day. You will achieve nothing unless you eliminate them. You have to take your medicine and get down to real work.

    The technique of performing strength compound movements posed the biggest problems for all partici.pants. The most important thing that each of them was aware of was their bad technique. The awarness itself is a firm foundation of starting the improvement. There were no problems with that. Thanks to the video analysis we started a long and laborious improvement process.

    It’s worth mentioning, that despite the lack of the proper technique, some of the contestants had already tried to set their PR. It is indeed alarming, as the poor form can do a lot of harm especially to newbies.

    The process of technique improvement is a real ego-killer. Everyone had to decrease the loads they fought with. The 1st phase based on 10 reps with an average tempo turned out to be humiliating.

    In many cases, the former PB’s, tuned out to be exaggerated even up to 50%!

    Bad technique doesn’t build mass. All it does is causing injuries. It’s a lesson to be learnt for all those who build mass. This is why compound movements have such a bad name and are replaced with butterflies when designing a training program. Here also lies the reason why there are so many people discouraged from building mass and why steroids are so widespread even among newbies.

    The partici.pants passed this psychtest with tremendous results. Note, that somebody who had previously managed to deadlift 150kg (being totally hunched) and was just after the process of improving the techniqe was able to barely deadlift 50kg corectly. That might cause ego problems.

    If the person overcomes the desire go the easy way, not only will they significantly beat their PB’s but they will also do it in a safe and healthy way. If they succumb to the temptation and decide to continue the fight without the technique, maybe they’ll lift a couple of kg’s more but it’s just asking for an injury.


    While performing compound movements it turned out that there were serious problems concerning postural imbalances. This issues was similar to the case of the proper technique.
    Almost every partici.pant was aware of their imbalances, but yet did nothing to improve them, what only made the situation worse. It was moving them away from the desired physique and increasing the chances of a serious injury.

    Contenstants were taught the basic accessory exercises to improve their posture and prepare them to perform compound exercises. Everybody was obliged to consult a rehab specialist. Here are the most common problems we encountered:

    - Rounded back - The inability to maintain the natural curvature of the lower back during compound movements. The problem concerned almost all partici.pants.

    - The „Hunch“ - The inability to maintain the natural curvature of the upper back during compound movements. The problem concerned the majority of partici.pants.

    - "Closed shoulder" - The inability to maintain the partici.pants in the neutral position. Among our athletes there was a tendency to move them forward, squeeze or both at once. The problem concerned everybody in a greater or lesser extent.

    - Lack of mobility of the shoulder blades - the sum of many postural imbalances contributing to the inability of performing and maintaining the full retraction of the shoulder blades. Half of the partici.pants suffered from that.

    We also had occasional cases of scoliosis, permanent hyperextensions and permanent leaning the head forward.

    Only one person was free from the postural imbalances disturbing the proper execution of compound movements.

    The statistics is quite brutal and hard to accept. The improvement of body posture is a base for the process of building healthy mass and body. The process of technique improvement is a long-lasting one, whereas the improvement of physique is far more laborious, concentration, discipline and persistence demanding.

    As the experiment showed - performing the „improvement program“ is not enough to make the problem disappear. Every session has to be conducted scrupulously and with full concentration – that’s not easy. The partici.pants could be divided into two groups. The first one got down to the correction very seriously, the second wasted half of the improvement period and started working hard when the problems really occurred. „Bends“; „SWS or „No-money“ won’t bring any results unless they’re performed correctly.

    The effect was the intensification of strange pain during bench press among few of the partici.pants. The root of the problem turned out to be the improper performance of correction exercises. It’s worth mentioning that after changing the attitude, the pain vanished into the thin air. The sooner we get down to some serious work, the sooner we move from the stage of unnecessary and dangerous pain to the actual mass building.

    The partici.pants were re-educated as far as the strength exercises are considered. This process went really smoothly. Safety, the proper technique, strength and overall-body development – this is the road to the success.


    What appeared to be problematic was learning and executing typical bodybuilding movements, both compound and isolated.

    Performing the exercises without the mind-muscle connetion and performing strength exercises using non-anatomical movement was very frequent. Those are two basic factors completely destroying the process of muscle building in the particular muscle groups.

    In some cases it took a great deal of time to understand that training aimed at improving strength develops the whole body and strength thanks to the proper technique and that bodybuilding exercises are supposed to build particular muscles with the help of the mind-muscle attained by good technique. Without fullfilling those conditions, exercising is just art for art’s sake. It’s another thing worth noting.

    Part of the partici.pants was losing with their own ego when they were to decrease the weight by half in isolated exercises to make the target muscle work. PB’s were attacked reguarly, against the rules. A lot of precious time (time=mass) was spent on getting on the right track.

    Here are the exercises which were the most frequent „victims“ of improper technique:

    Lat Pulldown - because of elbow engagement, eliminating lats work.

    Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise - by moving hands towards legs, eliminating rear delts work.

    Delt Raise - by insufficient rotation of the shoulder, eliminating lateral head work.

    Dumbbell Flyes - by moving the tension from pecs to shoulders and triceps.

    Dumbbell Press - by moving the tension from pecs to shoulders and triceps.

    Row Exercises - by eliminating the contracting-stretching work of back muscles because of head movements and spine erectors engagement.

    Triceps exercises - by eliminating the extension of elbow joint decreasing the tricepses engagement.

    Biceps Curls - moving the elbow, choosing the “easiest“ angles instead of aiming at the best mind-muscle.

    From the bodybuilding point of view those are the most important. Here we face a paradox. In the exercises where the animal and brutal strength is essential, the partici.pants aimed at mind-muscle, whereas where mind-muscle is needed, they emphasized strength. This is a recipe for disaster.

    From the first day, a special attention was paid to the fight against „making the workouts easier“. The sooner the partici.pant realises the root of their mistakes - the sooner the progress comes.

    That situation often led to quite unnecessary discussions. In one case a partici.pant was instructed about his mistake but despite that he kept on repeating it. When he was told to decrease the load and work with the target muscle, on the next training he would perform 1-2 sets correctly just to attack max loads again and lose the technique (and the chance to build the muscle) completely. When asked why he’d done that - he couldn’t give any reasonable justification. On the next training he would perform the majority of sets correctly, but it wouldn’t be untill 1-2 weeks to completely put the ego aside and start working for his own benefit.

    The reader might find it funny, since “everybody knows that“, right? However, there is a significant difference between “I know“ and “I apply to that“. The difference, unsurprisingly is the muscle gain.
    We were able to eliminate a great deal of such cases. This was crucial, since the majority of partici.pants thought the problem didn’t concern them. As the experiment showed - it does concern almost everyone who fights with weights. The sooner we do examination of conscience, the sooner the particular muscle will start to grow.

    That situation found its reflection in the final results. You can easily tell the two kinds of mass gain apart. The first one is the overall muscle development resulting from a decent work with compound movements. It’s a so called the “scaling-up“ effect, when a partici.pant grows without the weak links.

    The second one is the effect of the typical bodybuilding work with focus placed on the mind-muscle connection.
    The final effects are proportional to the quality of training, regeneration and diet. Let’s take the growth of the arm size as the example:

    - A person who before the experiment had a slow growth because of the poor technique, after correcting it gained 6cm in the arms size.

    - Arms of a person, who knew how to perform exercises correctly, that were already big when starting the experiment grew by 3cm. Of course this person adhered to the Aggressive Mass Cycle guidelines at all times.

    - A person who didn’t pay attention to the mind-muscle connection and to training properly gained only 1.5cm.

    The same relationship can be observed in all exercises for medium and small muscle groups that didn’t involve hard complex movements. Mind-muscle connection is really essential for each bodybuilder. Check it yourself by analyzing training logs of our partci.pants.


    The diet is a completely different issue. As we learnt, proper guidelines, calculations and calibration was not always enough to succeed. To plan a diet is one thing but to realize it is another. Many people, not always intentionally, didn’t adjust to the prescriptions. Here are the most common peccadilloes:

    - Eating 1g/kg of protein less than prescribed: occasionally

    - Eating 0.5g/kg of protein less than prescribed: often

    - Estimating food products weigh and not weighing them: often

    - Monodiet: often in many cases

    - Not adhering to 1:1:1 fat proportions rule: often in many cases

    - Drinking alcohol: occasionally in a few cases

    - Drinking less fluids than prescribed: often in many cases in the first phase

    - Missing meals: occasionally from time to time

    - Eating meals not regularly: often (because of school/work)

    - Eating inappropriate types of carbohydrates: occasionally in a few cases

    - Eating cheat meals: in a few cases but not often

    - Decreasing the intake of macroelements: from time to time in a few cases

    Unfortunately, sometimes even one factor is enough to ruin the whole diet. All trainees were given strict instructions but not everybody did what they were advised. This issue is very sophisticated and will be described later for each partici.pant individually. The relationship between the realization of the diet and the final results are prominent. Everybody who kept to the guidelines for 15 weeks improved their physique a lot and gained far less fat mass than people making light of the diet. Fat accumulation is inevitable during the Aggressive Mass Cycle but it is up to the trainee to keep it on a low level.

    The mesocycle was long and it was planned for winter time, thus many partici.pants (along with other users of our portal) caught gastric flu, which is quite common in our geographical region and we can’t do much about it. The recovery lasted usually from 7 to 14 days. As the experiment showed, it’s not good to get back to training too fast. It needs to be done when you are completely healthy.

    Winter holidays were another factor decreasing the performance of out athletes. Surprisingly, it did more harm than the gastric flu. Huge mass losses, dietary problems and difficulties with getting back on track were common. In one case it took as much as 3 weeks to completely get back to the training routine. The negative consequences were so dramatic that from now on partici.pants of the future experiments are forbidden to go on holidays.

    It’s worth memorizing – always plan your mesocycles to complete them without making any breaks. The experiment proved that it’s crucial in order to successfully accomplish the cycle.

    There were many factors hindering gains. Students had the slowest progress during the examination sessions and people working professionally during periods when they had to work night shifts. Trainees who were able to keep the 1:1:1 fats proportions went through the difficult period the most smoothly. Those who didn’t keep to the diet and ate fast foods had the biggest trouble during stressful times.

    One thing should be highlighted. Partici.pants who ate out had slower gains but three people who didn’t substitute planned meals even with junk food collapsed because of emotional or physiological issues and didn’t finish the experiment. We can draw a simple conclusion: if you eat **** food, don’t expect superb progress but it’s better than not eating at all.

    There is one more thing I would like to write about. Many partici.pants didn’t know how to take the measures properly. They did it when the muscles were pumped, thus in several cases there were funny situations like for example a guy who had just started training gave the same sizes as a well experienced amateur bodybuilder. That was why we emphasized the proper ways of measuring body. After 3-4 weeks almost everyone could do it correctly but after looking at the pictures before/after it’s obvious that the first data was not valid.

    The lesson learnt from this is: don’t deceive yourself. Always take the measures in the morning when your muscles are “cold”. The aim is to check how big the muscles are and not how much they can be pumped.

    The experiment clearly showed that 9 months of publishing articles, analyzing training videos, answering FAQ and convincing to perform exercises in the correct way paid back. Each trainee who accomplished E2 had great strength and mass gains. Everybody is the winner.

    After studying the Aggressive Mass Cycle results we got to the conclusion that we need to focus on teaching how to design a good diet scheme and how to properly execute the basic bodybuilding exercises. Stay tuned for more articles concerning these areas!

    We encourage you to read the whole documentation carefully. Each partici.pant has been described in detail as a separate case.

    Case nr. I: „From a boy to a man“

    The first case is WTK. A very interesting example of makeover, thanks to a big number of unusual circumstances.

    Basic information:

    AGE : 21
    HEIGHT : 184 cm
    WEIGHT : 78,2 kg

    WTK started practically from the zero level. He was the least experienced contestant of the experiment. Everything he did was completely new to him, so it demanded correction.

    His starting physique was extremely lanky. A huge underweight stood out a mile. Overall, he looked like a very malnourished guy, not like a young and healthy man. WTK represented a vast group of our society: all possible posture imbalances, a serious lack of muscles and sunken cheeks. It looked very unhealthy - a classic case of skin and bones. His strength was also very poor.

    The worst was still ahead of us, though. Cross my heart, there hasn’t been someone in the history of MNBBC.COM who did compound movements the way WTK did - a total lack of coordination and no motorics at all. Dynamics? Forget about it. His body was a total mess. Nothing worked the way it supposed to. Left side had no relation with the right. There was head anteversion, shoulders moved forward, hunched spine, no mobility of shoulder blades, no proper mass center. WTK had the worst starting position among all the contestants.

    One of the major factors which limited his progress earlier was a serious lack of self-confidence. You could almost smell it from the very beginning. During the experiment somebody might have had the impression that everybody believed in him more than he did. He had a siginficant tendency for too critical approach towards himself. This can be a huge obstacle.

    WTK managed to complete all the 15 weeks of the experiment. It wasn’t easy in his case, since he had to fight with diet, weights, as well as with the strongest enemy - himself.

    Strength progress


    SQUAT : 75kg / 165kg / + 90 kg
    DEADLIFT : 70 / 140 / + 70 kg
    BENCH PRESS : 45 / 87,5 / + 42,5 kg
    STANDING PRESS : 25 / 57,5 / + 32,5 kg
    BARBELL ROW : 50 / 95 / + 45 kg
    CABLE PULLDOWN : 30 / 50 / +20 kg

    WTK achieved a very big strength progress. 90kg in squat is the result of huge struggling and determination. Such a progress in gold exercises (which squat undeniably is) always brings good mass results. 42,5 kg progress in bench press in only 15 weeks is a result no one can be ashamed of.
    Here, WTK deserves a standing ovation. We had to lower the loads. He was being constantly corrected. He had to learn every exercise from scratch. Step by step, week by week, he made it - he turned his technique from disaster into the proper one.

    None of the contestants had such a long way to the top. He completely dominated E2 in this category. A classic example showing aimed at improving the posture pays back.

    He progressed in all exercises.
    After learning the compound movements it was the time for learning bodybuilding exercises. The way lead, again, through a mine field. Either there was no mind-muscle connection or inability to perform certain exercise or strange pain. We got rid of the technical defects, improved the posture and created the origin of the proper technical position.

    During 15 weeks he did his best and even more.
    Still, you must keep in mind that he’s a beginner and he has a long way to master the technique of the basic bodybuilding exercises. With such approach that WTK represents that shouldn’t be a problem. A beginner squatting 165 kg - sounds good, doesn’t it?


    Here’s the rub. As much as I could admire his approach and fighting with the loads, I couldn’t do it in terms of the diet. You can’t say he paid no attention to it but there were a few critical problems which had a significant impact on the final result.

    The first culpable mistake was the lowering the daily protein intake. He was fully aware of that. However, it is not our role to judge him, since everybody knows how much food costs these days.

    Nevertheless, it doesn’t change the fact that a very moderate intake of protein, adjusted to his organism, was a good move itself. It was just enough to build some muscle mass. Taking into consideration that in terms of strength exercises he performed like a machine and that he deliberately ate less protein than recommended, we end up with a picture of a partial success and wasted chance for a tremendous physique makeover.

    The second mistake that he made was not eating as much green vegetables as recommended. They are an irreplaceable element of the diet, especially in the case of WTK whose organism doesn’t tolerate simple sugars and immediately converts them into fat tissue. Green vegetables protect his hormone profile, speed up metabolism and help fighting with female hormones. It is worth mentioning that he was extremely sensitive about the fat tissue, which made things even more complicated.

    A frequent mistake, common for a major part of contestants, was not sticking to the 1:1:1 fat proportions. They were allowed free rein in following this rule, not to complicate the diet too much from the very beginning. Obviously, it had its reflection in the final result.

    At one moment a problematic dissonance appeared. WTK intentionally decided to go his own way in terms of diet. He changed the intake without calibration and former consultation. Usually, such behaviour results in expelling the partici.pan from the experiment. WTK got a second change and from that moment he was to required to run an up-to-date constant diet log as the only EII partici.pant.

    By a “strange coincidence“, when he was forced to document his daily menu publicly, the problems of fat and skin folds disappeared. It gives you a clear picture of why we emphasize dieting so much.

    The matter of gaining fat tissue was his personal obsession. He made the impression of somebody who didn’t see progressing weights (which many people envied) or the continuous weight and muscle mass gains. The majority of the time the fat tissue was his nightmare.

    Let’s look at the skin fold measurements during the 15 week Aggressive Mass program with the “max hard“ option (run with a mix of fruits and vegetables, targeted at a very fast mass gain)

    Skin fold measures:

    Triceps: 12 / 16 / 4mm
    Biceps: 12 / 12 / 0mm
    Shoulder blade: 12 / 18 / 6mm
    Over the hip: 14 / 22 / 8mm
    Abdomen:25 / 31 / 6mm
    Thigh:17 / 24 / 7mm
    Calf:10 / 28 / 18mm
    Sum: 109mm / 151mm / 42mm

    42mm gain. 2,8mm a week, half of which is of course water which always tends to accumulate when there’s a big carbohydrate intake. Taking into consideration the fact that the biggest gain was observed on the example of calf fold (responsible for temporal change, which auto-corrects in the case of a drastic diet change) we’re left with 24mm fat and water gain. With the diet mistakes he made it is as if he won on a lottery. Many people would’ve faced more serious consequences like jumping into plateau instead of progressing.

    Unfortunately, he was to some extent “paralysed“ by his psyche and worrying. He clipped his own wings by the negative attitude towards the progress. It always influences negatively the final result. Motivation, faith in success and auto-propaganda are always a motivation booster, which results in victory. By the way, this is how the majority of “magic“ supplements available on the market work. Here, we didn’t have that kind of positive approach.

    Body transformation

    By analysing the body change we have to take into consideration that WTK was among those partici.pants who did their skin fold measures improperly (basically they were extortionate), which has its reflection in the pictures. It disturbs the way it looks on the paper, but he will know how to measure himself in the future.

    Body measures

    Forearm: 28 / 29,5 / +1,5cm
    Biceps: 30 / 32 / +2cm
    Calf 37,5 / 39,5 / +2cm
    Thigh: 56 / 61 / +5cm
    Hips: 86 / 93 / +7cm
    Waist: 82 / 92 / +10cm
    Lower Chest: 90 / 103 / +13cm
    Upper Chest: 95 / 105 / +10cm
    Shoulders: 111 / 116 / +5cm
    Wrist: 17 / 17,5 / +0,5cm
    Ankle: 24 / 25 / +1cm
    Body weight KG: 78,2kg -> 94,3kg

    He gained 16kg of muscle mass in 15 weeks. A very nice, visible process of body change. With such a minor change of fat tissue we can say the task was accomplished.


    In this case the summary will be schematic. A great work on the physique combined with a decent, “like-a-man“ fight and good diet. If we miss any of these elements the final result will not be impressive.

    When realising a particular goal, you have to believe in yourself. You have to put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t worry about trifles and go forward. If you worry about petty things (which are apparently very frequent in a sportsman career), you’ll slow down instead of accelerate.

    The faith in success is the essence leading to victory. WTK had a tremendous background - the supervisor of the experiment, colleagues from the experiment as well as MNBBC.COM readers. If it hadn’t been for all of the and he had gone through E2 all by himself, he wouldn’t have finished it.

    Despite the mistakes he made he changed from a scrawny, underfed boy into a healthy man with a good posture. I feel a little bit unsatisfied because we could’ve had a proper 100kg man instead of 94kg. His body was capable of doing it. The thing that lacked was the attitude.

    Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. He did a tremendous job. He outshined many people with the strength progress. He left speechless those who laughed at his horrible technique at the beginning. He’s a proof that in 15 weeks you can change and improve everything. That arouses admiration.

    WTK has a huge potential. If he continues to exercise he’s condemned to be big, as he has very good body parametres. The tendencies of his body can be controlled - it was clearly visible in the second half of the experiment. He just has to believe in himself and “make friends“ with diet. What didn’t work now, will work in the future. A round of applause for WTK!

    Before/After gallery.

    CASE NR. 2 - „The 200 kilos killer“

    The case nr. 2 is Dyziek. He’s a complete opposite to WTK. The example of determination and sacrifice. With that kind of approach there was no way this wasn’t going to work. Let’s meet Dyziek.

    Basic information

    SEX: MAN
    AGE: 18
    WEIGHT: 92KG
    EXPERIENCE: Almost 3 years

    Here we have the youngest partici.pant of E2, who embarrassed a large part of the readers. Because of his age he was in a way condemned to home cooking so not expecting some diet obstacles would be rather naive.

    The experience was not small. Personal bests were also quite impressive as for a beginner. However, the reality made him revise the weights and reduce them to the point where the muscles, instead of his spine, took care of the loads. He had to undergo one of the biggest load decrease among all partici.pants.

    He trained at his own gym - Spartan conditions. Je didn’t have all the equipment needed. What he had was a rack, weights, motivation and the desire to fight - these are all the elements necessary to achieve success.

    You can sum up those 15 weeks in a short statement - He had his Termopiles, crashed the Persians, came back with his shield, tons of gold and a harem.

    Strength Progress

    SQUAT: 100 / 205 / +105 kg
    DEADLIFT: 90 / 210 / + 120 kg
    BENCH PRESS: 50 / 125 / +75 kg
    STANDING PRESS: 40 / 95 / + 55 kg
    BARBELL ROW: 40 / 135 / + 90 kg
    CABLE PULLDOWN: 20 / 75 / + 55 kg
    HIGH PULL: 35 / 90 / + 55 kg

    The strength progress is absolutely mind-blowing. In fact, when you see progress of more than 100kg, words seem to be not enough. The numbers speak for themselves.

    It’s worth mentioning that Dyziek started the experiment right after beating his PB’s. Theoretically he was condemned to failure, since you don’t continue the agressive mesocycle with a similar agressive mesocycle.

    Because of his technique he had to remarkably decrease the weights. Take my words for granted - everyone who proudly fights with 180kg on the barbell and a couple of days later hears “Slow down or you’ll end in a wheelchair!“ and is shown that 90kg is his real PB, will go through a motivational crisis for sure.
    In such situation a large group of people loses motivation and starts doing stupid things. Dyziek acted reasonably. He got down to serious work.

    Week by week he was improving his technique. He went through 12 weeks of constant criticizing, instructing and decreasing weights. Finally, he improved - hard work paid off.

    At the end of the experiment he managed to squat 205kg and deadlift 210. Such weights are impressive, especially in his young age and while taking into consideration he’s not a professional powerlifter.
    Discipline, humility, scrupulous work gives great results. Dyziek is the best proof for that.


    He was very disciplined when it came to diet. Unfortunately, sometimes discipline is not enough. In such young age you can’t afford everything, especially when you’re dependent on your parents.
    Dyziek admits he realised the diet in 92% and that’s true. When he didn’t have any external limits the diet was wired for sound. When the limits appeared he did everything to overcome them. It was visible, he had a strong determination. In opposition to some partici.pants, who sometimes did “forget“ about the nutrition regime, Dyziek controlled everything.

    What is very important and consistent with the final result, he stuck to the 1:1:1 fat proportions. Dyziek estimates he realised this in 75%.

    It’s very significant, since it shows that if you want - you can do it. If someone who’s still dependant on his parents in terms of the daily nutrition can stick to the diet - everyone can. Not easy but still doable.

    Summing up the diet - there were some lacks but there was also a visible fight to improve it.

    Now, let’s look what’s this fuss all about, meaning what happens when you have the finger on the pulse during the aggressive mass cycle.

    Skin fold measures:

    TRICEPS: 8 / 10 / +2 MM
    BICEPS: 6 / 8 / +2 MM
    SHOULDER BLADE: 15 / 12 / -3 MM
    OVER THE HIP: 18 / 16 / -2 MM
    ABDOMEN: 20 / 21 / +1 MM
    THIGH: 21 / 20 / - 1 MM
    CALF: 4 / 4 / 0 MM
    SUM: 92 / 92 / 0 MM

    Ladies and Gentlemen - hats off! The best example of controlling the fat tissue in E2.
    No commentary needed.

    Body transformation

    When analysing the body transformation we have to keep in mind that the first measures were extortionate. Not as much as among other partici.pants but still they didn’t reflect the actual state.

    FOREARM: 32 / 33 / +1cm
    BICEPS: 35 / 38 / +3cm
    CALF:42 / 44 / +2cm
    THIGH: 66 / 70 / 4 +4cm
    HIPS:95 / 98 / +3cm
    WAIST:85 / 88 / +3cm
    LOWER CHEST: 109 / 120 / +11cm
    UPPER CHEST: 111 / 120 / +9cm
    SHOULDERS: 129 / 136 / +7cm
    WRIST: 19 / 19 / 0cm
    ANKLE: 26 / 26 / / 0cm
    WEIGHT: 92 / 102 / +10 kg

    A very positive makeover. An even development of the whole body - so called “scaling up“. He significantly improved parts he was concerned about, that means chest and shoulders.
    10kg of pure muscle mass is a serious gain - especially with no fat gain at all. Another result which doesn’t need any commentary.


    Dyziek won all that he cared about. He improved the technique which was a disaster. He straightened up his posture, which was far from ideal at the beginning. He made a tremendous strength progress - e.g he lifted 200kg in the two major lifts.

    He managed to overcome his constant problem of not gaining weight - he gained 10kg of pure muscle mass. He didn’t gain even a gram of fat. In fact, in some pictures he looks as if he burned a little.

    That’s a superb result.

    It’s worth mentioning, it wasn’t easy for him. He had a huge regeneration problems connected with private matters on which he regularly reported. I could say he faced the biggest number of obstacles among all E2 partici.pants. Despite that, he fought and did his best.

    Could he have done better? We could have a 107kg lifter now. There is always some “if“. What could have happenend if he could stick to the diet in 100% and dedicate 100% of his spare time instead of 95%. Such questions are countless. What matters is “here and now“ and what he achieved. He achieved something which you almost can’t find one the Internet.

    He deserves a round of applause without any doubt.
    I really enjoyed cooperating with Dyziek. Disciplined, regular, scrupulous, humble and pursuing his goal. He’s an example of pure determination.

    He started the experiment striving for mass and strength. According to his own words - he finished the experiment satisfied, which only increased his appetite fore more and more. That deserves admiration.
    Let’s see Dyziek’s before/after photos. Unfortunately, every rose has its thorn. It’s the only element in which he failed. Posing wasn’t the best, the quality of the pictures also could’ve been better. I’ll add sharply that every set of photos he gave me at the end of particular phase looked way better. He’s aware of that and promised me to improve that element in E3.

    His new, decent, size is visible in the numerous videos he posted in his training log.

    CASE NR. 3 - „From tweety to grizzly“

    The case nr. 3 is Ruggiero, a very known person on MNBBC.COM. He had ran a rehab log for a long time. Ruggiero is someone who practically wasn’t able to squat or deadlift properly not because of his own mistakes but because he was diagnosed with serious postural defects which disabled him to do these compound movements.

    Basic information

    NICK: S.Ruggiero
    SEX: Male
    AGE: 23
    WEIGHT: 80kg
    EXPERIENCE: 10 months (after rehabilitation)

    In the case of Ruggiero there was no use in decreasing the weights since he was after a long rehabilitation and started from very low loads knowing he couldn’t increase them. We were ready for the continuous, gradual mass gaining. We didn’t expect neither records nor anything impressive apart from scrupulous, successive work. We were very...wrong. What happened, left amazed even me.

    People who know Ruggiero are aware that he’d been able to do only semi-squat and that was all he could do with his postural defects.

    Performing a proper deadlift was also beyond his reach. He could perform only “good-mornings“ in a rehab version that is with his knees bent and very short ROM.

    At the beginning of E2 Ruggiero stressed that the funds for the forthcoming mesocycle may prove to be not enough. He even wanted to quit after a week. Fortunately, thanks to the “little-bookkeeper“ approach he managed to find a solution. Maybe it wasn’t the best as far as quality is concerned but it worked.

    Strength Progress

    SQUAT: 70 / 155 / + 85 kg
    SUMO DEADLIFT:0 / 160 / +160 kg
    BENCH PRESS:60 / 135 / +75 kg
    STANDING PRESS:40 / 100 / +60 kg
    BARBELL ROW:60 / 115 / + 55 kg
    CABLE PULLDOWN: 25 / 75 / + 50 kg
    NARROW BENCH PRESS:25 / 75 / + 50 kg
    HP:30 / 65 / + 35 kg

    No, there’s no mistake there. He finished E2 with a 160kg deadlift with a proper technique. He surprised everyone.

    He exercised for 6 weeks doing his rehab “good mornings“. Simultaneously, he regularly and restlessly stretched, performed correction exercises and put a great pressure on the technique and posture. Reading his log and the E2 summary you can tell he really took to heart exercising in the technical position. As a matter of fact he made a cult of it and that was something he strived for. After 6 weeks of hard work he decided he was ready to get down to deadlift. I allowed him to do it with caution and that’s where everything began. He did it properly, persistently and with dedication. As the time went by the weights were getting bigger and bigger and finally, someone who was almost condemned to failure, achieved 160kg in 15weeks. Respect and standing ovation ladies and gentlemen!

    In squat, which he also didn’t at the beginning, he achieved 155kg.

    He triggered an avalanche - he bench pressed 135kg and made the final touch by achieving 100kg in standing press. The person who wasn’t even able to lean forward, the person who wouldn’t be even able to compete with 40 year olds.


    From the beginning he informed about the battle with funds. It wasn’t easy and he had to compromise on it.

    Unfortunately, every progress where there’s compromise is not a 100% progress.

    In the case of Ruggiero, the most frequent mistake was monodiet. He made it clear that the only way he was going to be able to fulfill the diet requirements was choosing products with essential nutrients but still the cheapest ones. In the case of protein it resulted in basing on eggs and chicken all the time.

    Those are products of the same type, which only opened the way to create a certain dose of intolerance and worsening the absorption of the elements. To make things a bit more diversified he introduced WPC protein which was indeed some kind of variation but nevertheless he was condemned to monodiet.

    In the case of carbohydrates, Ruggiero made it clear he would be basing on the cheapest products. So firstly, he treated himself with loads of oat flakes, which had to bring obstruction. In the following stages of E2 he consumed a lot of pasta what had its result in fat folds.

    Because of the monodiet he didn’t stick to the 1:1:1 fat proportion. The only variation he had was an everyday dose of whale and olive oil.

    The last thing which brought him closer to fat than muscles was a low intake of green vegetables.
    Since he changed his caliper during E2, the measurements just didn’t work out. According to the data he underwent a reduction during the experiment, which is untrue from obvious reasons.

    Stating that he made a “fat tuck“ of himself wouldn’t reflect the reality. However it cannot be denied that apart from a tremendous gain of muscle mass he also gained what we call „belly“.

    Body transformation

    FOREARM: 29 / 32 / 3 cm
    BICEPS: 34 / 40 / 6 cm
    CALF: 36,5 / 39,5 / 3 cm
    THIGH: 56,5 / 67 / 10,5 cm
    HIPS: 89,5 / 103 / 13,5 cm
    OVER THE HIPS: 91 / 103 / 12 cm
    UPPER CHEST: 108,5 / 120 / 11,5 cm
    LOWER CHEST : 108,5 / 120 / 11,5 cm
    SHOULDER: 118 / 133 / 15 cm
    WRIST: 16,5 / 18,3 / 1,8 cm
    ANKLE: 24 / 27 / 3 cm
    WEIGHT: 80 kg / 97 kg

    +6 cm in shoulders size! That’s truly unbelievable. A great example showing that someone who pays attention to the proper technique, is aware of his own mistakes and works as hard as possible is able to achieve tremendous results in 15 weeks.

    The makeover is huge, undeniable and mindblowing. We can say it’s a record here on MNBBC.COM and I’m not afraid to say that - it’s a record in the Polish Internet. He knew what he wanted to do, he knew he would do that and did it.

    Hypertrophy took place in the whole body. Every muscle group literally exploded.

    It’s worth to pay some attention to the pictures. Before the experiment he didn’t have much muscles mass. You can tell that by the character of his posture - large head dominating over a small body. We managed to change the proportions completely.

    This is the kind of mass that a bodybuilder desires. Shoulders, traps, chest, arms, back and legs were developed to a massive size.

    Even the biggest critic can’t deny that this man become a muscle-monster.

    If you go through the aggressive mass cycle only couple of times in your life, even little mistakes resulting in having a belly can be forgiven. He’ll burn this in a few weeks - the muscles he built are beyond the reach of the people with even 1-2 years of experience.

    Notice, that the rehab trainings contributed not only to the improvement of the posture, health and strength, but also to the development of glutes.


    There’s nothing to hide, Ruggiero made a great job. He broke the sword of Damocles hanging over his head. He built a massive body. He underwent a complete posture makeover.

    Every guy who starts working out in a gym has one dream - to build great arms and shoulders. That’s exactly what Ruggiero did - fast and reasonably.

    I can’t deny I really enjoyed cooperating with Ruggiero. He has an unbelievably positive attitude. He’s disciplined, aware of his aim and tirelessly striving for it. He didn’t care about the details. He set the direction, accepted the compromise like a man and instead of blubbering all the time, he realised his dreams. He achieved results which before the E2 were “as if from S-F literature, and he would have never believed he’d be able to achieve it“.

    Applause please - he proved that even those with huge postural defects can improve and can grow to a bearish size.

    17kg of mass gain - nobody would be ashamed of such result.

    Let’s take a look at the photos. The body transformation is undeniable.


    The case nr. 4 is Adam. It’s not an ordinary partici.pant wanting to gain some mass. Adam is a professionally qualified bodybuilding instructor. Rehabilitating his patients is what he does for a living. He’s educated, determined and open-minded. That allowed us to set the rules of the game. In the macro scale we dedicated the mesocycle to a maximal, uncompromised strength and mass building in order to get the biggest possible “muscle base“ which will be turned into a detailed bodybuilding statuette during E3.

    Basic information

    SEX: MAN
    AGE: 25
    HEIGHT: 178
    WEIGHT: 86,5 kg
    EXPERIENCE: 9 months (excluding brakes)

    Adam started the Experiment right after peaking in the aggressive reduction cycle. In normal circumstances we wouldn’t have started cooperation because an ordinary trainee would’ve probably lost the psychological battle.

    After reaching the peak, the organism gains water and we witness a kind of the yo-yo effect. It’s hard to see that you’re getting back to the “old“ shape.
    If we take up an aggressive mass cycle at point, only very strong will can help you finish it – and Adam had it.

    He didn’t have any major postural defects. There were some little technical mistakes, indeed, sometimes there was no mind-muscle connection but nothing that could block him.

    The aim was clearly set - to build strength and mass. As far as his physique was aesthetic and symmetrical, his muscles were still not big enough for his needs.

    Strength Progress

    SQUAT: 120 / 200 / + 80 kg
    DEADLIFT: 130 / 205 / + 75 kg
    BENCH PRESS: 80 / 135 / + 55 kg
    STANDING PRESS: 60 / 120 / +60 kg
    BARBELL ROW: 70 / 150 / + 80 kg
    CABLE PULLDOWN: 35 / 57,5 / + 22,5 kg
    HIP THRUST: 80 / 140 / + 60 kg
    HIGH PULL: 80 / 120 / +40 kg
    DB One Arm Snatch : 37,5 / 50 / + 12,5 kg

    Adam squated 200kg and deadlifted 205 with a proper technique. The result makes tremendous impression.

    Let’s look at the result in typically Olympic lifts. They are great and rarely seen among bodybuilders with his weight and experience. The final touch was pressing 120kg in standing press.

    The progress in other lifts is impressive as well.

    He worked focused. Nothing distracted him. He knew what he wanted and pushed on.


    There were no problems in this case. Yes, there were some minimal defects like monotony in eating vegetables from time to time or temporary losing the fat proportions but to tell you the truth the whole diet thing was exactly like his attitude - full speed ahead. That’s why there were no compromises or lacks. Adam did a great job. The realisation of the plan was good and everything went smooth.

    The key thing was the gain of fat tissue. With such a change of direction it means the change from aggressive reduction to aggressive mass gaining we could expect a disaster but not in this case.

    Skin fold measures:

    TRICEPS: 9 / 15 / +6mm
    BICEPS: 2 / 6 / +4mm
    SHOULDER BLADE: 6 / 12 / +6mm
    OVER THE HIP: 4 / 16 / +12mm
    ABDOMEN: 5 / 19 / +14mm
    THIGH: 9 / 22 / +13mm
    CALF: 8 / 18 / +10mm
    SUM: 43 / 108 /+65mm

    Adam won the battle against accumulating fat. Taking into consideration what he managed to gain, 65mm is not that much, especially when the majority of this is water (intensified by the rebound effect).

    Remember though - Adam chose the most aggressive way to gain mass. Folds which he gained can be burned even within 5-6 weeks. He wouldn’t have built such mass and strength so quickly with the help of any other method.

    Body change

    FOREARM: 31,5 / 33 / +1,5cm
    BICEPS: 36,5 / 40,5 / +4cm
    CALF: 38,5 / 41 / +2,5cm
    THIGH: 63 / 69,5 / +6,5cm
    HIPS: 96 / 106 / +10cm
    WAIST: 81 / 95 / +14cm
    UPPER CHEST: 105,5 / 117,5 / +12,5cm
    LOWER CHEST: 102,5 / 109,5 / +7cm
    SHOULDER: 125 / 133 / +8cm
    WRIST: 18 / 18 / 0cm
    ANKLE: 21,5 / 22 / +0,5cm

    We can see a great body transformation. The biggest progress is noticeable in the most favourite bodybuilding parts. Shoulders, arms, chest and legs grew very nice. You can clearly see a considerable development of glutes which were the weakest point of his physique.

    Weight change

    15kg of mass gain - mission complete. A tremendous gain. It’s a huge step forward considering Adam’s posture and the tendency to slow mass gaining. Remember that from the very beginning of E2, Adam had a great, bodybuilder posture. When everyone else was laying their “foundations“, Adam had already done it and focused on increasing his size. The nature gives us different features. One will look like a bodybuilder weighing 100kg, other might achieve that look when he weighs 70kg. Adam built a good “scaffolding“ very early - he passed the exam briliantly.


    Adam took up a very hard task. He set the aim clearly and didn’t fear to realise it. It wasn’t a quick “blitz“, but the part of the puzzle - a long round of bodybuilding chess. He invested 15 weeks in tough and manful pursuing his goal and he managed to succeed.

    I’d like to mention that the round he played isn’t for everyone. It’s really a very hard challenge, to go from point A to point Z. I know from my own experience that the majority of people can’t handle such a change. We’ve got some serious player on board.

    Let’s take a look at Adam’s gallery. Mission ”1” complete. We’ve got a tremendous “muscle base”. In 15 weeks, after completing the mission “2” we’ll see the final result of his ambitious fight.

    Case nr. 5 – “Fight against guts”

    The case nr. 5 is Kwachor. The story of his mesocycle is very interesting. It’s one of those cases where not even Hercules could contend against two. Kwachor has some serious digestive disorders and he’s aware of it. He can’t regulate the nutrients intake as freely as others do. He hast to start from a very low level and very slowly, step by step to provide his body with nutrients which are always not enough in the end.

    Basic information

    AGE: 22
    HEIGHT: 177
    WEIGHT: 87,5 Kg
    EXPERIENC: 3,5 years

    Kwachor didn’t expect wonders since he knew his own limitations. He had a fairly well developed strength and dynamics from the beginning. He wasn’t a newby but still you wouldn’t have said he had been using all his potential till the beginning of E2.

    He needed to set the way and get a huge motivation kick, which would allow him to spread wings in long terms.

    He started E2 having just finished a mass cycle, so in a way his potential was limited compared to the other partici.pants.

    Strength Progress:

    SQUAT: 110 / 200 / + 90 kg
    DEADLIFT: 120 / 185 / + 65 kg
    BENCH PRESS: 85 / 127 / + 42 kg
    STANDING PRESS: 55 / 105 / + 50 kg
    BARBELL ROW: 85 / 135 / + 50 kg

    The story of Kwachor’s squat needs a short description. Well, the squat he presented at the beginning of E2 wasn’t a strength squat. It wasn’t even a hopeless bodybuilding back squat. It was a free variation of a bodybulding, ROM-shortened squat with a beautiful hunch both in the upper and lower back. The aim was clear - bring back the proper posture with the help of technique correction and arduous rehabs. He was permitted to perform squat every week in a range where he didn’t damage the technique.

    At the beginning it was a very short ROM. Centimeter by centimeter he almost got to the proper one. Simultaneously he fought persistently with weights - so he battled against two enemies at once. In the grand final he squated 200kg with the proper technique, so he deserves a huge applause.

    Squat wasn’t the only exercise he performed in his own way at the beginning. Practically every exercise needed some correction in order to avoid injury. The only lift he was performing considerably well was a hex bar row, which he was allowed to perform to the end of E2.

    He noted a strong progress in every exercise.

    Pay attention to a very well-developed explosive strength of Kwachor. You can fairly say he’s a beast as far as Olympic lifts are considered.

    A funny situation occurred when he was to perform HP for the first time. He did it....sitting. The load was quite impressive. How big ? - take a look inside his log. The strength of his shoulders and rotator cuffs left everyone amazed. Many people would’ve torn their rotator cuffs.


    Here, we have the partici.pant who indicated at the very beginning he had permanent health problems. In his case nothing could be done rapidly. He had problems with adaptation of vegetable fats and tolerating large amounts of protein.

    Such tendencies foretell troubles. Without the adequate intake of nutrients you can’t even dream of mass. Everybody who’s had any experience with barbell knows that. You can’t fight with diet. Either you will provide the body with the amount of nutrients it really needs, or you will end up developing strength, dynamics but not mass.

    We spent half of the experiment on calibrating the diet, checking genetic predispositions and constant improvement. Then came the time to make him regularly, step by step, add some protein to the diet. This is when the mass gaining process began.

    It’s a pity that it happened in the middle of E2, because the result could’ve been much bigger but that’s a “what if?“ talk. I have no idea whether shortening of the adaptation period wouldn’t have shocked the organism. Now the diet is calibrated. Kwachor is in an anabolic peak and he’s really happy with that.

    Skin fold measures

    TRICEPS: 9 / 8 / -1mm
    BICEPS: 5 / 3 / -2mm
    SHOULDER BLADE: 12 / 12 / 0mm
    OVER THE HIP: 17 / 20 / +3mm
    ABDOMEN: 15 / 20 / +5mm
    THIGH: 15 / 19 / +4mm
    CALF: 12 / 12 / 0mm
    SUM: 85 / 94 / +9mm

    As we see, there’s actually no real fat tissue gain. The change is a result of water retention because of the increased carbohydrate intake and the reaction to stress.

    Kwachor is a student of a very demanding faculty, so his trainings were accompanied by a long sessions in a library and highly stressful exams. It disturbed his regeneration a couple of times and has its reflection in the fat folds. The one where we noted the biggest increase was the abdominal fold, very responsive to cortisol (the hormone of stress).

    Body transformation

    FOREARM: 32 / 32,5 i 33 / +0,5 i +1cm
    L: 36,5 / 38,5 / +2cm
    R: 35,5 / 37,5 / +2cm
    CALF: 40,5 / 42 / +1,5cm
    L: 66 / 69,5 / +3,5cm
    R: 63,5 / 68 / +4,5cm
    HIPS: 99,5 / 101 / +1,5cm
    WAIST: 83 / 87,5 / +3,,5cm
    UPPER CHEST: 111,5 / 114 / +2,5cm
    LOWER CHEST: 111,5 / 114 / +2,5cm
    SHOULDER: 130,5 / 133,5 / +3cm
    WRIST: 18,5 / 19,5 / +1cm
    ANKLE: 26 / 27 / +1cm

    Despite the difficulties with diet, the second half of the Experiment allowed him to trigger hipertrophy.

    You should pay attention to the strongest sides - dynamics, coordination, tremendous work of legs and shoulders. On the other hand these are in a way his “weakest“ parts since, when he was fighting with big loads, mind-muscle exercises suffered because the work of the target muscles was performed by shoulders or legs.

    We dedicated a lot of time to eliminate that problem. Strength and bodybuilding exercises are separated with a line which shouldn’t be crossed.

    The result is the proportional growth of the arms, which had been the lacking part up to that point.


    Looking at Kwachor’s results we can see how important it is to stick to the diet. In this case, we have an ambitious lifter who struggles, understands the need of the proper diet, but it is the body which sometimes prevents him from achieving goals.
    There is one clear conclusion my dear reader. Instead of looking ways to skirt round the diet, remember that there are people who don’t have such health capabilities as you do. Look what a determined person can achieve in a very limited anabolic window.

    It was a model cooperation, considering the fact that he had to do the things the hard way. No matter what he does - he’ll have always some diet problems.

    Nevertheless, he managed to overcome the obstacles in the right moment and everything ended well.

    Now, take a look at Kwachor’s photos.

    CASE NR. VI – “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Hipertrophy“

    The case nr. VI is Whiskey69 - quiet, easy-going, doing his thing. He’s not the kind of hyperactive guy. He did what he had to do, read, adapted and grew. That silent, modest way, he achieved one of the greatest progress you can get when being on the aggressive mass cycle. Let’s see the results.

    Basic information

    NICK: Whiskey69
    HEIGHT:187 cm
    WEIGHT: 84,2
    EXPERIENCE: 3 years

    Whiskey wasn’t a newbie. He started E2 having already been exercising for 3 years. His biggest problem was poor strength and the feeling he was the smallest guy in the gym.

    He had some problems as every other partici.pant. At the beginning there was nothing that could make him stand out of the crowd - obviously except the thing that he was, he is and he will be exercising the natural way.

    According to the maxim – “You can tell a real man by the way he finishes, not starts“, let’s take a look at his E2 course.

    Strength progress

    SQUAT: 60 / 175 / + 110 kg
    DEADLIFT: 100 / 180 / +80 kg
    BENCH PRESS: 60 / 117,5 / + 57,5 kg
    STANDING PRESS: 50 / 92.5 / +42,5 kg
    BARBELL ROW: 60 / 110 / +50 kg
    CABLE PULLDOWN: 30 / 55 / +25 kg
    PREACHER CURL: 20 / 35 / +15 kg
    HIGH PULL FROM KNEES : 50 / 85 / + 35 kg
    NARROW FRONT SQUAT : 30 / 85 / +55 kg

    Whiskey is another partici.pant who had to decrease his starting loads. All the main lifts had to be improved. Whiskey, didn’t ask hundreads of questions. He read, drew conclusions and uploaded videos. I had the impression that he acquires knowledge faster than any other partici.pant. He pursued his aim without making too much fuss about it.

    Thanks to his calm, reasonable attitude he progressed 110kg in squat and 80kg in deadlift. This is the kind of result which has a very positive influence on the physique.

    He achieved a great progress in every exercise. Indeed, he did some mistakes on the start but it was nothing he couldn’t handle.


    Whiskey stuck to the diet. That statement tells you everything about his final result.
    The only problem was decreasing the amount of green vegetables. It would’ve brought dramatic consequences to any other person, but in his case the hormone profile worked well from the very beginning, so in a way he didn’t have to “pay“ for this. Of course, things could’ve been a bit better.

    He tried to keep the 1:1:1 proportion but he admits that there were moments when it didn’t work out.

    A very important thing - he was very disciplined in terms of protein and carbohydrate intake - so he continuously provided his body with material and energy essential for hypertrophy.

    Skin fold measures

    TRICEPS: 5 / 9 / +4mm
    BICEPS: 4 / 7 / +3mm
    SHOULDER BLADE: 5 / 13 / +8mm
    OVER THE HIP: 19 / 20 / +1mm
    ABDOMEN: 18 / 17 / -1mm
    THIGH: 19 / 18 / -+1mm
    CALF: 9 / 13 / +4mm
    SUM: 79 / 97 / +18mm

    A very nice surprise. 18mm of folds is next to nothing, considering 15 weeks of Experiment. An average Pole gains more during a Christmas dinner. In Whiskey’s case the majority of fold gain is water, what is visible in the “after“ pictures.

    Body transformation

    FOREARM: 30 / 32.5 / +2.5cm
    BICEPS: 33 / 36.5 / +3.5cm
    CALFI: 39 / 41.5 / +2.5cm
    THIGH: 58 / 64.5 / +6.5cm
    HIPS: 86 / 88.5 / +2.5cm
    WAIST: 81/ 85.5 / +4.5cm
    UPPER CHEST: 105 / 111 / +6cm
    LOWER CHEST: 105 / 111 / +6cm
    SHOULDER: 118 / 125.5 / +7.5cm
    WRIST: 19 / 19.5 / +0.5cm
    ANKLE: 27 / 27 / 0cm
    WEIGHT: 84,2 / 96.0

    +12kg and 18mm means over 10kg of lean muscle mass in 15 weeks. A champion’s result. You can surely tell that he kept to the diet.

    An elementary example that scrupulous work and paying attention to diet can do wonders.


    The results speak for themselves. Another case where words fail me. Dedication, determination, sacrifice, fight and good diet led Whiskey to his great gains. No magic, no fancy solutions - only man, the barbell and clear aim.

    I must say I really liked working with Whiskey. He was disciplined, regular and didn’t cause any problems. He followed all the guidelines what brought that amazing result.

    Let’s see the gallery of Whiskey69.

    Case nr 7 – Women Power

    We all know Monica very well. She had always taken small steps in improving her workout instead of making immediate and important changes. Unfortunately, this method hadn’t turned out to be good for her. The Aggressive Mass Cycle was a perfect moment to change training habits and teach her self-discipline. She went the whole hog – the same as Adam did.

    Basic information:

    Nick: mmooonia
    Age: 22
    Height: 164cm
    Weight: 55,9kg
    Experience: 2 years with small brakes

    Monica is a woman of a low/medium height and weight. Seemingly, she was the smallest in the group but in reality her muscle and strength were more than satisfactory. She is known for hard training and pushing herself to the limits.

    Before the E2, Monica performed most of the exercises in a correct manner. Nevertheless, there was one flaw. She used to train only in a way, which was comfortable for her: in exercises aimed at strength she would shorten the ROM and in isolated exercises she didn’t feel mind–muscle connection. It was a serious challenge to overcome these habits was but Monica was determined to achieve a huge progress.

    Strength progress:

    Back squat: 52,5 / 87,5 / + 25 kg
    Deadlift: 65 / 100 / +35 kg
    Bench press: 35 / 52,5 / +17,5 kg
    Overhead press: 25 / 45 / +20 kg
    Barbell row: 40 / 70 / +30 kg
    Pull downs: 25 / 40 / +15 kg
    High Pull from knees: 35 / 50 / +15 kg
    Front squat: 20 / 50 / +30 kg

    How can we comment the strength results? By working hard, she achieved an impressive progress and showed what women power is. All sets were done with a full ROM. Personal records in all main lifts exceeded or got close to Monica’s body weight.

    In this case it was essential to improve the execution of exercises requiring the mind–muscle connection. She used to flare her elbows and engage shoulders when didn’t need to. It wasn’t because of the bad posture but because of the bad habits. The experiment taught her that it is crucial to train properly and not comfortably, what had a positive impact on the final result.


    It wasn’t easy to follow diet prescriptions. Monica is one of those girls who like to have a cheat meal but when you’re on the Aggressive Mass Program it brings negative consequences in the form of additional fat mass.

    Monica also admits that she didn’t always keep the proper fat proportions and sometimes played it by ear.

    In the long run (15 weeks of bulking and 15 weeks of reduction) it doesn’t affect the final results but in the short run it can slow down the progress.

    There were things which had a negative impact on her gains such like a 7-day holiday break and a period of less regular workouts. But overall, she trained systematically and persistently. However, she knows there is still some room for improvement.

    Skin fold measures:

    Triceps: 9 / 14 / +5mm
    Biceps: 3 / 3 / -
    Shoulder blade: 9 / 11 / +2mm
    Over the hip: 10 / 13 / +3mm
    Abdomen: 10 / 14 / +4mm
    Thigh: 17 / 21 / +4mm
    Calf: 11 / 14 / +3mm
    Sum: 69 /90 / +21mm

    Taking her irregular training into consideration, these are not bad results. What is more, if we bear in mind that before the experiment she used to progress only by a few percent, it can be seen as a success.

    Body measures:

    Forearm: 25 / 26,4 / +1,4cm
    Biceps: 27,5 / 29,2 / +1,8cm
    Calf 35,5 / 36,8 / +1,3cm
    Thigh: 52 / 57 / +5cm
    Hips: 93 / 97 / +4cm
    Waist: 66,5 / 72,5 / +6cm
    Upper Chest: 84 / 90,5 / +6,5cm
    Lower Chest: 88,5 / 93,5 / +5cm
    Shoulders: 101 / 104 / +3cm
    Wrist: 14,5 / 14,8 / +0,3cm
    Ankle: 20,5 / 21 / +0,5cm
    Bra size : B / C
    Body weight KG: 55,9 / 62,5 [+6,6kg]

    The result is satisfying. Of course, we have to remember that Monica is not a man, and thus her additional 2cm in arms size is comparable to 4cm of a 15cm taller and 20kg heavier man. She achieved the goal we had set.


    Did Monica realize 100% of the plan? Certainly not. She knows she should have increased the training frequency, stick to the diet and avoid cheat meals.

    It was a pleasure to work with her. She is very cheerful and friendly. Not only did she learn form others but also uploaded many of her own training videos.

    Monica gained a lot of mass, but the quality of it could be better.

    The aim No. 1 has been realized, now it is time for No. 2.

    Case nr 8 – Family duties vs gym

    Marcel is in a different position than the rest of the group. Maybe it would be more appropriate to say Mr Marcel because he is a 30-year-old guy who has to care for his family. His case is very interesting, as it shows that even a busy person can undergo a serious body recomposition. During 15 weeks of hard work Marcel proved that he is a very motivated and determined person. Now, men over 30 won’t have any excuse for not training.

    Basic information:

    Nick: marcellll
    Sex: male
    Age: 30
    Height: 182 cm
    Weight: 90,8kg
    Experience: 17 months

    At the beginning, Marcel highlighted that he had a demanding job and would often have to work night shifts.

    Before the experiment, Marcel took part in a supplement test sponsored by a well known company. The effects of it were very poor. He learnt bad technique of performing almost all exercises, which resulted in spine pain and a few injuries.

    It is obvious that a person who has been training for 17 months makes mistakes but if they are supervised by a big company, not being able to guide them properly, then it is a strange situation. Think for yourself if those “experts” are really as knowledgeable as they advertise themselves.

    Strength progress:

    Back squat: 62 / 160 / + 98 kg
    Deadlift: 72 / 150 / +78 kg
    Bench press: 62/ 120 / +58 kg
    Overhead press: 47 / 95 / +48 kg
    Barbell row: 62 / 107 / + 45 kg
    Pull downs: 25 / 65 / +40 kg
    High Pull: 50 / 92 / + 42 kg
    Single arm dumbbell snatch: 36 / 44 / + 8 kg

    There were no surprises - regular training and proper diet did what we had planned.

    If it comes to skin folds: The abdominal, hip and pectoral folds increased the most but it is common when there is a high level of cortisol in the organism. It was caused by irregular sleep routine and eating at night (night shifts). Marcel kept to the diet and that is why other folds stayed at the same level or only slightly increased.

    Body measures:

    Forearm: 31 / 33,5 / +2,5cm
    Biceps: 37 / 39,5 / +2,5cm
    Calf 40 / 42 / +2cm
    Thigh: 65 /70 / +5cm
    Hips: 100 / 102 / +2cm
    Waist: 96 / 106 / +10cm
    Upper Chest: 105 / 112,5 / +7,5cm
    Lower Chest: 106 / 113 / +7cm
    Shoulders: 123 / 131 / +8cm
    Wrist: 17,5 / 19 / +1,5cm
    Ankle: 27 / 28,5 / +1,5cm
    Body weight KG: 90,8 / 103,5 / +12,7kg

    The body weight progress was significant, despite the problems with regeneration. The improvement of shoulders size is the most noticeable. Other muscle groups grew proportionally.
    Besides the three areas mentioned before, Marcell was able to gain lean muscle mass.


    Marcel did a great job. We should value his results more than others because he is not a high school guy who has got a lot of spare time and whose only problem is his girlfriend. Remember that Marcel didn’t have only professional but family duties as well. An average 30-year-old guy doesn’t care about his health and his only hobby is changing TV channels with a bottle of beer in one hand and with a cigarette in the other. Marcel proved that being over 30 can be different.

    One important thing, which should be emphasized in this case is the body reaction to stress and the lack of regeneration. On this example everybody can see how theses two factors can affect training performance and that each routine should be adjusted to one’s needs.

    The effects of stress can be seen in the final photos. In these pictures, Marcel is tired and his muscles are a bit flat. He needed a deload phase more than the others. He looks much better in the photos taken 2 weeks later (check the photos of the E3). Overall, his metamorphosis is one of the best in the whole experiment.

    Case nr 9 – The skinny guy gets into gym

    Sarmatian trained together with S.Rugierro, who set the record in the progress of arms size (+6cm) during the experiment. Sarmatian also wanted to stand out from the rest. I won’t keep you in suspense – he gained 16,5cm in his shoulders size. Something like this doesn’t happen very often.

    Basic information:

    Nick: Sarmatian
    Sex: male
    Age: 24
    Height: 180 cm
    Weight: 89,4kg
    Experience: 9 months

    When the experiment started, Sarmatian’s experience wasn’t great. He hadn’t done deadlift at all and his performance of compound exercises left a lot to be desired.

    One thing he didn’t lack of was motivation and this is the key to the body recomposition. Despite getting sick, Sarmatian was able to train at the highest level and achieve his goals.

    Strength progress:

    Back squat: 82 / 160 / <+ 78 kg [lack of weights]
    Deadlift: 60 / 140 / +80 kg
    Bench press: 52 / 110 / + 58 kg
    Overhead press: 40 / 90 / + 50 kg
    Barbell row: 62 / 110 / + 48 kg
    Pull downs: 15 / 70 / + 55 kg
    Narrow bench press: 25 / 75 / + 50 kg
    Preacher curls hook grip: 5 / 25 / + 20 kg

    The strength progress was great, despite personal issues, which prevented Sarmatian from regular training in the last phase of the experiment.

    He could have squated more but he didn’t have enough weights in his home made gym. Unfortunately the delivery with the new plates came after the end of the experiment and thus we couldn’t test his real strength.

    Sarmatian improved his bench press by 58kg and overhead press by 50kg, which is a really stunning achievement. He got stronger in other lifts as well and, as it can be judged by looking at the photos, the strength triggered the mass gain.


    This partici.pant never ate to little but sometimes his diet lacked of green veggies. Sarmatian admitted to not having kept the diet all the times. As the result, he gained some fat.

    Body measures:

    Forearm: 29 / 32,5 / +3,5 cm
    Biceps: 36 / 38,5 / +2,5 cm
    Calf 41,5 / 43,5 / +2 cm
    Thigh: 59 / 67 / +8 cm
    Hips: 96 / 105 /+ 9 cm
    Waist: 97 / 107,5 / +10,5cm
    Upper Chest: 115,5 / 121,6 / +6,1 cm
    Lower Chest: 115,5 / 121,6 / +6,1 cm
    Shoulders: 119,5 / 136 / +16,5 cm
    Wrist: 17 / 18 / +1 cm
    Ankle: 27 / 27 / 0 cm
    Body weight kg: 89,4 kg / 101,3 kg / +11,9kg

    The transformation was superb! Sarmatian ended the experiment weighing more that 101 kg. Check his photos and you will see two completely different people.

    Case nr 10 – Don’t go on trips when you are during the Aggressive Mass Cycle

    We all know Os_Girl very well. She had always been motivated and focused on training. Oska (that’s how we call her) writes articles for our portal and she is a forum moderator so besides work and gym she had to find some time also for MNBBC.COM. During the experiment she progressed but the final result could have been even betted if it hadn’t been for a few misfortunes like getting sick or going for an earlier booked trip. This example shows that even the most committed trainee can be affected by many, seemingly not relevant factors, as it took Oska about 5 weeks to get back to full performance.

    Basic information:

    Nick: os_girl
    Sex: female
    Age: 28
    Height: 179 cm
    Weight: 76kg

    Oska wouldn’t be herself if he hadn’t beaten her personal records. At some point she had to stop with adding weight to the barbell in order to improve technique, which resulted in even greater final strength.

    Strength progress:

    Back squat: 70 / 112,5 /+32,5 kg
    Deadlift: 80 / 125 / +45 kg
    Bench press: 40 / 1x60 / +20 kg
    Overhead press: 27,5 / 55 / + 27,5 kg
    Barbell row: 50 / 95 / +45 kg
    Pull downs: 25 / 66 / + 41 kg
    Narrow bench press: 25 / 75 / + 50 kg
    Preacher curls ???hook grip??: 17 / 25 / + 8 kg
    High Pull from knees: 30 / 55 / +25 kg
    Lying Hip Extension: 75 / 105 / +30 kg

    The few week mess in training is reflected in the skin folds. Os_girl’s total sum of skin folds increased by 42mm but it’s not much concerning a 15-week cycle. It should be noted that fat gain would have been much bigger if Oska hadn’t sticked to the rigorous diet.

    Skin fold measures:

    Triceps: 9 / 11 / + 2mm
    Biceps: 3 / 4 / +1mm
    Shoulder blade: 10 / 14 /+4mm
    Over the hip13 / 24 / +11mm
    Abdomen: 16 / 24 / + 8mm
    Thigh: 16 / 19 / + 3mm
    Calf: 8 / 11 / +3 mm
    Sum:65 / 107 / +42mm

    Oska gained 5 kg. All muscle groups were improved. Her posture got much more massive comparing to the beginning of the experiment.

    Body measures:

    Forearm: 26 / 27 / +1cm
    Biceps: 31 / 32,5 / +1,5cm
    Calf 39 / 40 / +1cm
    Thigh: 58 / 62 / +4cm
    Hips: 97,5 /101 / +3,5cm
    Waist: 73 / 78 / +5cm
    Upper Chest: 95 / 100 / +5cm
    Lower Chest: 96 / 100 / +4cm
    Shoulders: 112,5 / 113,5 / +1cm
    Wrist: 16 / 16,5 / +0,5cm
    Ankle: 22 / 22 / +0
    Bra size: 65e/ d / 70e + 1size
    Body weight kg: 76 / 81 / + 5kg

    Case nr 11 – A 30-year-old man with huge strength gains

    Basic information:

    Nick: kubek27
    Sex: male
    Age: 30
    Height: 182 cm
    Weight: 93kg
    Experience: ~10 years

    Kubek was the second oldest person in the experiment. He, as well as Marcel, had to devote his time not only to the gym but also to family and work. Kubek was under a lot of stress but he is a tough guy with superb metabolism and deeply-rooted eating habits, thanks to which he managed to overcome all the difficulties.

    Strength progress:

    Back squat: 90 / 180 / + 90 kg
    Deadlift: 100 / 220 / +120 kg
    Bench press: 70 / 135 / + 65 kg
    Overhead press: 50 / 100 / +50 kg
    Barbell row: 80 / 160 / +80 kg
    Pull downs: 30 / 60 / +30 kg
    High Pull from knees: 50 / 102,5 / +52,5 kg

    Not only did Kubek manage to get back to his old personal records but he was able to set new ones! Improving deadlift by 120kg is something everybody would be proud of.

    Skin fold measures:

    Triceps: 7 / 8 / +1mm
    Biceps: 5 /5 / 0
    Shoulder blade: 8 / 10 / +2mm
    Over the hip: 14 / 16 / +2mm
    Abdomen: 17 / 24 / +7mm
    Thigh: 15 / 16 / +1mm
    Calf: 11 / 11 / 0
    Sum:77 / 90 / +13mm

    The sum of skins folds increased by 13mm, which is almost nothing. Kubek did a great job both when it came to training and diet.

    Body measures:

    Forearm: 32,5 / 34 / +1,5cm
    Biceps: 40 / 41 / +1cm
    Calf 40 / 41 / +1cm
    Thigh: 63,5 / 71 / +7,5cm
    Hips: 100 / 104,5 / +4,5cm
    Waist: 99 / 103,5 / +4,5cm
    Upper Chest: 111 / 121 / +10cm
    Lower Chest: 112 / 121,5 / +9,5cm
    Shoulders: 134 / 138 / +4cm
    Wrist: 19 / 19,5 / +0,5cm
    Ankle: 27,5 / 27,5 / 0cm
    Body weight kg: 93kg / 108kg / +15kg

    Kubek gained 15kg of a good quality mass. It is a great result! Legs and chest were improved the most. However, there is no rose without a thorn. Because of the work duties he missed 11 trainings – mainly arms. This is the cause of smaller development of biceps and triceps.

    Case nr 12: You can’t win with illnesses

    Rion is a moderator of our forum. During the experiment he was responsible for controlling training logs and informing about the changes in the training routine. He helped everybody who needed additional explanations and had untypical problems. Without him this experiment wouldn’t have run so smoothly. Thank you Rion!

    Mariusz (Rion’s real name) was the most unlucky person in the experiment. His case is very interesting and should be analyzed by everybody who makes light of illnesses.

    Basic information:

    Nick: Rion
    Sex: male
    Age: 28
    Height: 188 cm
    Weight: 70,4kg
    Experience: 2,5 years

    Rion has many posture problems like contractures, overstretches and joint hiperextensions. He had tried many times to rehabilitate but always failed. It was clear that this case wouldn’t be easy and that the whole cycle would require a lot commitment to succeed.

    At first we reduced the weights to minimum in order to train safely. Without that, corrective exercises wouldn’t have done their job. The whole rehabilitation process took a long time but the most important is that Rion’s posture improved significantly. He has still got a lot of work to do but he’s finally on the right track. It will probably take 6-12 months to fix all the problems.

    Strength progress:

    Back squat: 55 / 90 / +45 kg
    Deadlift: 90 / 115 / +25 kg
    Bench press: 55 / 75 / +20 kg
    Overhead press: 40 / 60 / +20 kg
    Barbell row: 50 / 80 / +30 kg
    Pull downs: 40 / 45 / +5 kg
    High Pull from knees: 35 / 60 / +25 kg


    Rion’s metabolism is very fast but he’s a poor eater. There aren’t many food products that he likes and he doesn’t even have temptation to eat cheat meals, which had always been one of the reasons of slow mass gains.

    After a few weeks of calibration we hit the spot. – Mariusz was continuously bulking up. He was eating much more than he had used to. Actually, he was eating all the time! Nevertheless, it was still not enough, as despite gaining muscle mass his body fat was being reduced. He should have been consuming about 500-900 more calories in order to fully use the growth potential.

    Everything was going great. Rion was bulking up very fast but suddenly he came down with the same seasonal illness as other partici.pants of the experiment. Unfortunately, Mariusz didn’t fully recover and after some time he got sick again. His progress was slowed for a few weeks. Just before the end of the experiment Rion caught gastric flu, which immediately brought his weight down to 69kg. In the last week he regained 2kg but then the experiment ended.

    Mariusz was very unlucky. He achieved what he had planned but later he lost much of it in a very short time. It was very depressing but Rion is a tough guy and his motivation for hard work is even greater than ever. Remember, you can’t give up. Success is just a matter of time!

    Skin fold measures:

    Triceps: 11 / 9 / -3mm
    Biceps: 4 / 5 / + 1mm
    Shoulder blade: 12 / 10 / -2mm
    Over the hip: 17 / 12 / -5mm
    Abdomen: 15 / 11 / -4mm
    Thigh: 12 / 10 / -2mm
    Calf: 8 / 8 / 0mm
    Sum: 79 / 65mm

    As we can see, not everybody has to get fatter during a mass cycle. Each of us needs to customize the diet to the individual needs to get the most of it. Some “experts” call people like Rion “hardgainers” and advise them taking tons of supplements but we know that in this case the only thing to do is just eat more (according to the diet guidelines). At first, it’s hard for poor eaters to consume as much as they should but later they adjust and the increasing muscle mass proves that they’re on the right track.

    Body measures:

    Forearm: 28 / 28,5 / + 0,5cm
    Biceps: 28 / 30,5 / +2,5cm
    Calf 34 / 35 / + 1cm
    Thigh: 48 / 51,5 / + 3,5cm
    Hips: 86 / 84 / -2cm
    Waist: 78 / 76 / -2cm
    Upper Chest: 98 / 101,5 / + 3,5cm
    Lower Chest: 98 / 101,5 / + 3,5cm
    Shoulders: 110 / 115 / + 5cm
    Wrist: 17 / 17 / 0cm
    Ankle: 25 / 25 / 0cm
    Body weight kg: 70,4 / 71,3 / +0,9kg

    The progress is visible: +2.5cm in biceps and +5cm in shoulders size can’t be unnoticed. The issue is that in the middle of the experiment Rion was bigger than in the end (illnesses).


    We all admire Mariusz’s perseverance and hard work. He was gradually improving his posture and technique. He sets a good example of determination for trainees on all levels. Rion will get big – that’s for sure!

    Other cases:

    Of course the above mentioned people are not all partici.pants of the experiment. It is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of injuries. No matter how hard you try there are always some things hard to prevent if there isn’t a person who coach you throughout the whole training session. The most common misfortunes is a machine failure, dehydration or too ambitious pursue for strength records. There were some people who had to quit the experiment because of health problems. One of them was Hubert. He worked very hard and diligently. Everybody admired him when he broke his personal record: 200kg in deadlift. Unfortunately, Hubert got injured during performing leg extensions. No one expected it could happen during such an exercise – remember, it can happen during every exercise. That’s why it’s essential to keep the proper form all the time, no exceptions!
    Wojtash got sick, and this omitted one phase of E2 but despite that finished the experiment with satisfying results.
    Other three people decided to stop training because of personal issues.

    Final remarks:

    The Aggressive Mass Cycle is a very demanding challenge. Everybody who wants to undergo it has to think the decision over. School exams, holidays or stress at work can make muscle growth more difficult but nobody says it’s impossible to achieve even in these circumstances. It’s just harder.

    The partici.pants of the experiment clearly showed that if a natural bodybuilder is really determined to achieve their goal there is nothing that can stop them.

    No drugs, no supplements, no bull****. It all about hard work and commitment!

    If you want to start training, take all of the following steps, as this is the only way to succeed: go to a GP for a general checkup, then to an orthopedist for posture examination, plan a mesocycle [ I strongly recommend Experiment 2], plan a diet and finally put everything into practice.

    Of course this summary is just a small extract of all the materials we collected during the 15 weeks. A lot of information wasn’t included in the text because of the space limitation. I encourage you to have a look at the full documentation.

    May the Natural Mass and Strength be with you!