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  • Let's build some mass - the annual cycle for newbies part 2

    author Puma

    Part two of our series, throws you into the deep waters. It means stronger methods and more unique impressions, still with the use of the basic equipment.

    Before you get down to the second mesocycle, make a thorough examination of conscience. Have you done your best in terms of rehabilitating your posture? Has the effort youíve made, improved your technique, joint mobility? Are the shortened muscles stretched and those overstretched - strengthened?

    If not, stick to the phase III for couple of weeks and take the bull by the horns. You wonít proceed just because youíve changed the routine. It doesnít work that way. Keep in mind that you change the routine only when the previous one doesnít provide you with visible gains. If you havenít improve the quality of training - thereís absolutely no use in going further, since there will be no gain at all.

    In case youíve done everything by the book, Iím sure youíve gained 5-10kgís and the technique of your lifts now starts resembling the one which professional lifters have.

    If the mass hasnít moved a bit or just a little - it means you totally screwed up the diet and calibration. You know whereís the rub - so work on it and donít think youíll move forward without it. You wonít.

    Essential changes

    In this mesocycle weíre gonna raise the bar of intensity. It results in diet changes.

    I recommend you to increase the carbohydrate intake by 1/4 of your body mass, in the post-workout meal. Add some protein too, if youíve been sticking to the min. 20 grams.
    Manipulate the diet the way you did previously - no changes here.

    After 9-18 weeks of training, youíve certainly mastered the chaos concerning basic lifts. Itís high time to check whether after preparing the body and building elementary physique, the grips you chose, are still working well for you. Maybe itís time to move the hips upwards even more bravely in the deadlift? Or squat even deeper? Or start using legs in push-press?

    See for yourself - new muscles mean the new balance of strength. Itís certain, some exercises can be now exchanged for their stronger, more efficient versions. All in all, youíre not the skinny guy, you used to be 9-18 weeks ago.

    Remember - youíre still obliged to work continously on your body. Stretching and posture correction is your duty. If you stop at this point - postural defects will come back in the blink of an eye. Letís face the truth - youíll be doing the correction program for the whole year to a greater or lesser extent. Learn to love it.

    If youíre training at home, buying some additional weight might be indispensable. During this mesocycle, weíll make few mechanical jumps. Thus, youíll be fighting with far bigger weights. Thereís nothing more frustrating than a lack of plates, when our body is ready to fight.

    If you attacked big weights at the end of the third phase - you can have 3-5-7 days off. Itís nothing bad, all is not lost that is delayed.

    Mesocyle II : The First Strike

    Phase IV

    Length: 3-6 weeks
    The number of tr. days: 4
    Split: ABxCDxx
    Variety of tr. days: 4

    Workout A:

    1. Squat / Ramp 8 / -5% the same area / max. 120 sec break
    2. Front Squat / Ramp 10 / - 5% the same area / max. 120 sec break
    3. Glute Ham Raise / Ramp 12 / -5% the same area / max. 90 sec break

    Workout B

    1. Push Press / Ramp 8 / -5% the same area / max. 120 sec break
    2. Pull Up / Ramp 10 / -5% the same area / max. 120 sec break
    3. Narrow Incline Bench Press / Ramp 12 / -5% the same area / max. 90 sec break

    Workout C

    1. Deadlift / Ramp 8 / -5% the same area / max. 120 sec break
    2. High Pull / Ramp 10 / -5% the same area / max. 120 sec break
    3. Barbell Row / Ramp 12 / -5% the same area / max. 90 sec break

    Workout D

    1. Bench Press / Ramp 8 / -5% the same area / max. 120 sec break
    2. Dips / Ramp 10 / -5% the same area / max. 120 sec break
    3. Preacher Curl / Ramp 12 / -5% the same area / max. 90 sec break.

    As you see, weíve got some major changes here. The thing that jumps out is the training in three different mass areas. The heaviest exercise is performed with 8 rep ramp. This change will increase the weights by 5-10% by itself. Very nice feeling, huh? Less reps means more power. Donít get nervous though - youíre still building mass very well.
    Exercises nr.2 are still performed with 10 rep ramp. Thereís a reason for that - youíve been doing them for just 2 phases.
    In the exercises nr. 3 weíve increased the number of reps. As above - thereís also a good reason for that. We donít want the essential parts of our body do become the become the weakes link in major lifts. Apart from that, endurance and mass will go up significantly.

    By training a particular functional chain in the range of 8-10-12 reps, weíre sure that weíll train more muscle fibres and that of course resutls in greater mass gain. Itíll pull you out from a 18 week turpor, where the body knew what to expect. Youíll feel a pleasant burning in the muscles.

    A second, yet subtle change is increasing the impulse of intensity in the last exercises. By shortening the brakes, we intensify the work we perform in a particular unit of time. It results in a strong mass-creating impulse.

    Letís meet the biggest change now. Up to this point, everything youíve been doing was based on the ramping method. You ramped the weight to the best 10 reps without failure. If the tempo slowered down - you finished the exercise, without waiting for failure. Now, the rules are different. Whatís remained the same is that you still ramp to the best 8, 10 or 12 reps. But this time, you donít finish the exercise. What you do is decrease the weight by 5% and to another, last set. Itíll be very close to failure. This is what we call extending the ramp. In this case, we extend still in the range of one area - it means that you perform the same number of reps as in Ąnormalď sets and try not to spoil the technique. Remember that improper technique or slowered tempo means failure, which at this point, will do more harm than good.

    In case of barbell row, it will look like this:

    50 x 8 / 60 x 8 / 70 x 8 / 80 x 8 / 90 x 8 / 100 x 8 + additional set 95 x 8

    When it comes to pull-up, dips or glute ham raise, you also add the weight of your body. An example for a guy weighing 70kgís:

    [70 + 10] x 12 / [70 + 15] x 12 / [70 + 20] x 12 / [70 + 25] x 12 / [70 + 30] x 12 / [70 + 35] x 12 + additional set [70 + 30] x 12.
    Which means that it is 70kg (body mass), 35kg of additional weight MINUS 5% and it gives us 100kg [70 + 30].

    Warning - if in any of the listed exercises, youíre not able to do a full ROM (eg. going below the parallel level in squat or going all the way down in dips), you mustnít extend the ramp. All you do is the elementary 8, 10 or 12 reps. You donít strengthen the chain which function is still sort of shortened. This is a simple, elementary rule, yet often forgotten. By not sticking to it, what you get is a mass loss.

    If youíre still weak in any exercise - eg. in dips or pull-up you use exercise bands - just add another band in the additional set.

    What is extremely important that the increase of intensity cannot be at the expense of technique. The technique must be better and better, as well as the posture. If you neglect this and keep chasing reps or weights with improer technique - youíll just worsen the situation and decrease the mass gain.

    Use phase IV well. If you find out in the middle of the cycle that youíre able to perform all the exercises with the addtional set, itís good to prolong it to even 9 weeks instead of planned 6.

    Since your workout consists only of 3 exercises, letís establish the minimum number of sets per exercise. 5 sets + additional set is an absolute must. Obviously, if youíre not feeling well, you are allowed to skip one or two sets. The limit concerns Ąnormalď and Ąstrong daysď. No less than 5 sets. If you feel strong, take your shot and do more. Remember that you can do only one additional -5% set, no matter the number of regular sets.

    Phase V

    Length: 3-6 weeks
    The number of tr. days: 3
    Split: AxBxCxx
    Variety of tr. days: 3

    Workout A:

    1. Squat / Ramp 6 / max. 180 break
    2. Deadlift / Ramp 6 / max. 180 break
    3. Push Press / Ramp 6 / max. 180 break

    Workoout B:

    1. Pull Up / Ramp 8 / -5% the same area / -5% MaxRep / max. 120 sec break
    2. Dips / Ramp 8 / -5% the same area / -5% MaxRep / max. 120 sec break
    3. High Pull / Ramp 8 / -5% the same area / -5% MaxRep / max. 120 sec break
    4. Front Squat / Ramp 8 / -5% the same area / -5% MaxRep / max. 120 sec break

    Workout C:

    1. Barbell Row / Ramp 8 / -5% the same area / -5% MaxRep / max. 90 sec break
    2. Bench Press / Ramp 8 / -5% the same area / -5% MaxRep / max. 90 sec break
    3. Glute Ham Raise / Ramp 8 / -5% the same area / -5% MaxRep / max. 90 sec break
    4. Preacher Curl / Ramp 8 / -5% the same area / -5% MaxRep / max. 90 sec break
    5. Narrow Incline Bench Press / Ramp 8 / -5% the same area / -5% MaxRep / max. 90 sec break

    The program of phase V changes the characteristic of training. We cut down on training days to give the body the opportunity to regenerate. On one hand, we introduce extremely have weights in basic exercises, on the other - we siginificantly increase the volume and intensity from day to day.

    Workout A is your first meeting with 6 reps. Itís a huge step forward. Itíll increase the weights by 10-15% by itself. Because of this method, we apply only basic ramp, without additional set. Fight with six reps and only with six reps to the moment when the tempo starts to slow down - itís the bell that rings Ąstopď.

    Itís a really demanding day, since after a heavy squat you do a heavy deadlift and then heavy press. Not so long ago, you werenít able to peform the same routine with 10 reps and lighter weigths.

    What is more, the breaks now last 180 secs. It guarantees great regeneration between sets. The day itsfelf is strictly created for strength. Of course the range of reps is still 6, so apart from strength gain, mass gain comes into play.

    The technique is of utmost importance - learn it by heart and stick to this rule. 6 reps is a serious work on muscle fibres, which to tell you the truth were rather resting in previous routines. Here, youíre going to give them hell. Some may say Ąitís only 3 exercises so whereís the catch?ď. The catch is that no matter that itís only 3 exercises, youíre going to feel worn out after such training.
    The min. limit for ramping series - 6. More means Ągoodď, less means youíre lazybones.

    Workout B includes exercises which move the body in space. Hereís where weíre going to get down to them very seriously for the first time. Notice that the breaks last only 120 secs. It means less regeneration and bigger intesity.
    Every ramp has two extensions. In the first instance, we try to establish the best 8 reps. When we achieve that, decrease the weight by 5% and try to do another 8 reps. Thatís the pattern you already know. Second step is to decrease the weight by 5% once more, but this time you try to do as many reps as you can (and beating the 8 reps is obligatory). Itíll be very exhausting, demanding. The number of reps will depend on your muscle fibre profile.
    You can end with 10reps one day, 20 on another. There are no strict rules, but still itís a enormous mass gain.

    Bear in mind that these two additional sets concern all four exercises. Every muscle in your body is going to be nicely tortured. Thereís no escape here - muscle mass now becomes your best friend.

    Warning: you do the max. number of reps, but PROPER reps. No technique - no gain. Otherwise itís just fooling yourself and hoping that Ąsomething will grow finallyď - it wonít. The only thing which actually may appear is hunch and other postural defects.

    Workout C includes the lightest exercises of all twelve. Here you can go very far. Only 90 secs. between sets, I promise you - it will burn.

    What I ask you to do is not to lengthen the training days without purpose. Watch the clock all the time.

    You have to establish a certain pattern of thinking - going to the gym, doing the intended number of reps in particular period of time, then, after a break- repeating it with bigger weight. Do not lengthen the workout thoughtlessly, donít talk with fellow budybuilders, or youíll lose the needed hormone level, as well as achieve blood saturation.

    It has to be a decent work. In - training - out. Nothing more.

    Phase VI

    Length: 3-6 weeks
    The number of tr. days: 3
    Split: AxBxCxx
    Variety of tr. days: 3

    Workout A:

    1a. Squat / Ramp 6 / -5% / - 7,5% / -10% / no break
    1b. Glute Ham Raise / -5% / -7,5% / -10% / max 120 sec break
    2a. Deadlift / Ramp 6 / -5% / - 7,5% / -10% / no break
    2b. Front Squat / -5% / -7,5% / -10% / max 120 sec break

    Workout B:

    1a. Pull Up / Rampa 6 / -5% / -7,5% / -10% / no break
    1b. Push Press / Rampa 12 / -5% / -7,5% / -10% / max. 120 sec break
    2a. Dips / Rampa 6 / -5% / -7,5% / -10% / no break
    2b. High Pull / Rampa 12 / -5% / -7,5% / -10% / max. 120 sec break

    Workout C:

    1a. Bench Press / Rampa 6 / -5% / -7,5% / -10% / no break
    1b. Barbell Row / Rampa 12 / -5% / -7,5% / -10% / max. 120 sec break
    2a. Preacher Curl / Rampa 6 / -5% / -7,5% / -10% / no break
    2b. Narrow Incline Bench Press / Rampa 12 / -5% / -7,5% / -10% / max. 120 sec break

    What weíve got here is an ideal culmination of the mesocycle. A very strong mass impulse, 3 days of a decent, tough work.

    The exercises are chosen on the basis of superset method. It wasnít done accidentally. Every superset works on one vector. In the first set you use the body to do the push movement, than in the second - pull.

    Itís a very strong mass combination - in addition, the exercises are influencing one another. Thus, youíll become stronger and stronger.

    This is a very simple scheme. Firstly the agonist workst and the anthatogonist controls the movement, rotator cuffs controll the joint. In the second exercise the agonist becomes anthagonist while still working (the rotator cuffs donít have any break as well). Three elements of the isotonic riddle are in constant work. Itís one of the most powerful mass-gaining impulses. Itís often said that supersets are the basis of natural bodybuilding and I tell you - itís a 100% true statement.

    In addition, every ramp is extended 3 times! That gives us 4 close-to-failure stops. Youíre gonna feel an extreme burning and huge mass gain. Still, youíre obliged to perform the exercises with the 3010 tempo. Itís a sort of a dam for us. Keep an eye on this and you wonít reckognize yourself in the mirror. Forget about this - strength will go up to the roof just to inhibit the mass gain right after that.

    Be wise with those supersets. Perform 4-5 ramping sets to stop simultaneously on the best 6reps for exercise A and the best 12 reps for exercsie B. It just looks complicated, make some notes on a sheet of paper and youíll grasp the idea immediately. It has to be within one set.

    Then, you decrease the weight by 5% and fight still within the same area. Then -7,5% and still fight to keep the number of reps. In the last set -10% and ultimate fight to keep the reps.

    Keep in mind that exercise A works in the 6 rep range, whereas the exercise B works on the 12 rep range. As a result, hipertrophy-oriented fibres will face a serious work. Thatís what this is all about.

    Previously, it was the first time youíd ever done 6 reps. Now, youíll just consolidate them. Not only you have to keep them (and progress further), but also they have to bear the pressure of supersets. Itíll be a real, tough fight, thatís why there are only 3 training days.


    The mesocycle introduces really powerful impulses. If youíre going to keep the proper technique and strive for an ideal physique - a constant mass gain is guaranteed. Remember - breaks, percents and rules are not for your entertainment. Theyíre strategically placed to avoid monotony, give you endless challenges and force the muscles to a mass progress. The less you stick to them, the less you grow. Changes in the phases are elementary if you want to grow.

    There is only one factor that can spoil your makeover - poor diet. Keep an eye on it, calibrate when itís necessary and when thereís no gain. Itís the first time in your life, youíve uses such demanding methods. Your body will call for more energy and building material. Of course, be wise with it.

    Use those three phases well. Donít chase the results, just because the mesocycle looks fine on paper. Fight with what you have at the moment. If youíre still growing - donít kill the cash cow - continue the work. Be patient, all in a good time. After the mesocycle you can have a well deserved one week off, for a proper regeneration.

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