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    Progress form.

    Pomiar: 29.07/09.10/17.10/23.10/8.01/14.01/21.01

    WAGA: 78.4/84.0/84.8/84.4/x/89.6/88.3


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    Progress form.
    Pomiar: 20.08/03.09/10.09/17.09/07.10/15.10/22.10/29.10/05.11/12.11/19.11/26.11/03.12/10.12/30.12/07.01/14.01/21.01

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    Progres form:

    Pomiar: 7.10/15.10/22.10/29.10/05.11/12.11/19.11/26.11/03.12/10.12/30.12/07.01/14.01/21.01
    Waga: 84,5/81,9/81,4/82,4/80,7/81/80,0/79,9/79,5/79,9/79,4/79,5/78,8/78,3

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  • Experiment I, RESULTS

    by Puma

    Ten weeks long journey into real natural bodybuilding came to an end. Learn about the results.

    Experiments genesis

    Clear idea of creating Experiments came to me nearly half decade ago. Initiative to grab random group of gym adepts and expose them to real training and diet. Push them, observe them, measure everything that can be measured, count everything that can be counted and write down every situation that happened. After the process – analyze everything, catch every bit of crucial info.

    What’s all about? Why not only write an article about every working method? The reason is simple. There are many groups that will react differently to exposed method. Depending on your own body structure, hormonal profile, environmental profile, age, training experience, injuries and genetical predispositions everyone will produce his own response to stimulus.

    By weird accident, human tendency to simplify, low budget paid for writers by bodybuilding/strength/fit/performance magazines whole industry works in 0/1 code. Something either is working or not working. Either something is full success, or someone is called a looser. Winner got photo shot, method for 100 time in a row won a “best method of century” award and it will be used by common bodybuilding brotherhood. Going that way, once again 99% of adepts will not gain any gram of muscle. Full circle has been closed.

    Another reason is obvious – natural vs. juiced bodybuilding. That’s kind of funny thing. 99% of people are declaring that they are “natural” but also 99% of them say that you cannot grow without juice.

    Let me be clear – there is no easier thing to build as juiced builder. IQ of a monkey, maybe five methods, few exercises per body part and boom – decent sized bodybuilder in no time. Seriously whenever I read about how AAS bodybuilding is hard job, demanding and complicated – is makes me laugh. How a person that couldn’t fight through and bypass the first obstacles in such basic things as “eat” and “elevate barbell from floor” say that anything is difficult is beyond me. Want to see real difficulties, real fight, real regime, real overwhelming enemies, real complications, real patience and no result guarantee if you are not man enough to keep every aspect under control? Welcome to natural camp. This camp will recheck if you can really become bodybuilder without pharmacy shortcuts.

    As stated, on a road to astonishing physique everyone will meet obstacles. You need to identify them, name them, learn their source than overcame them and produce solution that will get rid of them in the future. Trust me – there will be many of them – in every possible size and flavor.

    Every champion is declaring that if he could teleport himself back to past, he would change nearly everything based on his experience. Being a champion means that you trained many years and found direct approach to your body that is producing positive results for yours body, not the body of your friend – precisely yours!
    In rare occasions you will find a really good coach that will guide you to a success. More commonly but still very rare, you will find your path on trial and error. Most of people will be left behind with no real help. And it all comes to this:

    1. Look the same, no matter what, no change
    2. Abandon training
    3. Start juicing

    That is why Experiments started to exists. It’s a precious learning tool. By observing others, without any boundaries with full data about their diet, training, weights, health, measures etc. you can build your own know-how. Prepare solution to the problem before it occurs. Be ready for something that will happen and avoid it. Tweak rep scheme / intensity to magnify the result. Add diversity, eliminate unnecessary things when needed. Without political correctness, without advertise scams, placebo or other crap.
    Experiment I: Metamorphosis was dedicated to females only for limiting group factor purposes. By the time we were starting – I was overwhelmed with too many things at once and there was no shade of possibility for me to keep an eye for large group of people. As our users tested – routine regimes and diet are gender-free.
    Now, let us start to analyze and build showcase.

    EI: First Metamorphosis basic info

    Due to time limitation during the lasting period we were forced to limit mesocycle length to ten weeks. We all know that true bodybuilders are bodybuilders 24/7 whole year around, but we also know that December’s Christmas and New Year eve comes with too big temptations for fresh bodybuilders. In order to avoid obvious problem, mesocycle length was cut down to 10 weeks.

    Such period is a very short one. There is not enough time, not enough timespan to produce ground breaking before/after shots. Simply saying – even the best-case scenario
    needs time for progress to overcome weaknesses. As such – from the very beginning EI:M was treated as a sneak peak – short demonstration of power. And trust me – it played its role groundbreaking.

    Mesocycle was composed of three phases:

    Four weeks - Zeroing strength rush. The sole purpose of cycle was to get rid of nasty addictions to “mass only” methods, pushing forward strength gains and rebalancing.

    Four weeks – Steady mass. The sole purpose of the cycle was to introduce mass rich methods into ripping diet regime in order to overcome muscle loss.

    Two weeks – High intensity density phase. The sole purpose of the cycle was to promote muscle building state on the body exposed to extreme ripping phase.

    The original thesis of EI:

    “Natural Bodybuilder can simultaneously build muscle mass, strength progress, lower body fat level, raise libido and conditioning level”.

    Original thesis was defended by results of all girls. The power of result is greatly depended on one’s engagement in training and diet. But that is rather obvious. If you want to achieve anything you must seriously dedicated yourself into doing this.

    By this experiment we can put on “crap shelf” popular rule that states “you cannot build muscle and loose fat at once without AAS or hardcore burners”.

    The real thing that shocked me and all guys in our redaction was that no matter how much you will bastardize the things – if you obey the most basic rules you will achieve positive result. Of course the results will be greatly smaller then if you were a prodigy. But the fact that you can perform push in all directions at once no matter experience level and still make a significant positive change while half of the time you are making everything to destroy the result is kind’a “new”.

    Results are divided into cases, for your better reading.

    Common things to remember:

    All girls were Caucasian females.
    All are natural.
    No supplements were used beside occasional protein shake.
    Girls are various age and with various bodybuilding experience [from few years to a fresh starters].
    All results defended basic thesis.
    Every girl received individual modifications to their training routines and diet.
    We kept basic honest rule – “what we see is what we got”.
    All results are compared in begin/end values.
    All girls are passionate and amateurs – not professional bodybuilders.

    CASE I.

    Basic Info

    AGE 28
    HEIGHT 179

    Os_Girl was interested in metamorphosis with the biggest focus on strength and mass gain, body-fat drop next and conditioning as the last on importance list. Our readers know Os_Girl well, because she is ours forum moderator and a good helping soul in female training zone. She is also know because of previous cooperation with me and her really astonishing results.

    Knowing this – putting her on a normal track would be boring as hell. Her willpower, positive attitude toward obeying rules [such as diet and regeneration] and the facts that she really likes training will overcome every obstacle. And those three things are the most important things in achieving success.

    We could choose – let her do it by the book, achieve once again another astonishing strike on the road to perfection thus limiting maximal progress or – break some rules, give her bigger chance of making directional push on her own and see what the final result will be. Answer was simple - Charge.

    Os_Girl trained for 9 weeks. Tenth week was lost due to her holidays. During 9 weeks, 10 days was off/light days because of too fast positive results and inability of her body to fully regenerate. Rare case of shouting “I want more” but with the body saying “please, take it easy”. In order to progress healthy, Os_Girl was forced to do bonus “free-of-training” days. That was a bull’s-eye decision.

    Thing to learn by hart – no matter how good you are, no matter if diet is ideal, no matter the strength progress without staleness – additional forcing methods needs additional regeneration time. The more dedicated you are, the more you need to pay attention to regeneration in designing your mesocycles. You can’t over-eat lack of regeneration, “offs” times are crucial.

    Ideal compliance with diet and training schedule gave her progress significant boost.

    Strength results.

    BARBELL SQUAT [kg] 67 97,5 30,5
    BENCH PRESS [kg] 45 55 10
    DEADLIFT SUMO [kg] 85 115 30
    BARBELL ROW [kg] 65 90 25
    BIG THREE TOTAL 197 267,5 70,5

    Strength progress is totally devastating. 30 kg gain in squat and deadlift during 9 week period is a result of hard work. In fact after forth week we did everything to limit her further strength progress with day off, eliminating finish set and so on. We could let her stay on charge track and help her achieve 130 kg id deadlift but that would be greatly unwise. It would result in 2-3 weeks of back off form training after EI:M. By forcing her to slower the progress we achieved excellent final strength gain and still she has got much of left in the tank untouched. And that is the 100% win situation. Let me remind you her last sentence in her log: “I want more training”, “I can’t wait the next Experiment”. In terms of strength gain Os_Girl achieved success.

    Skinfolds results.

    ABS SKINFOLD 23 16 7
    THIGH SKINFOLD 17 16 1
    CALF FOLD 10 9 1
    SUM 104 73 31

    That is a nice bonus. Body fat reduction was not top on her list. As she said, lowering the fat would be nice but other things are much more important. We stick her on high protein and wise high carb diet. All the time she was on positive, calorie surplus diet. Nowhere near maintain or reduction level. Still she achieved success in terms of ripping the fat.


    PLACE START [cm] END [cm] GAIN [cm]
    FOREARM [cm] 25 26,5 1,5
    BICEPS [cm] 31 32,5 1,5
    CALF [cm] 38 39 1
    THIGH [cm] 59 58,5 -0,5
    HIP [cm] 97 97 0
    WAIST [cm] 76 73 -3
    CHEST [cm] 93,5 95 1,5
    SHOULDERS [cm] 111 113 2

    Gains speaks for themselves. 1,5 cm gain in biceps and 2 cm in shoulders is not a typical medicore result for 9 weeks. Combine this with her body fat drop and you will clearly see that she added a sheer dose of muscle mass.

    Total body change.

    TOTAL BODY MASS [kg] 74 77
    BODY FAT [%] 18,5956 14,2612
    FAT MASS [kg] 13,760744 10,981124
    LEAN BODY MASS 60,239256 66,018876

    DIRECT FAT LOSS [kg] 2,77962
    LEAN MASS GAIN [kg] 5,77962

    Those numbers are estimates of her result. As you clearly see she added 3 kgs to her weight while dropping body fat from circa 18,5% to 14%. That is a great achievement.

    Final note

    Frankly there is nothing that we can add more.

    Strength gain – full success
    Mass gain – full success
    Fatloss – full success
    Conditioning – great progress
    Libido – up the roof

    We can add one more thing. After EI:M Os_girl made full morphological examination. Splendid results. No Testosteron drop, T increased [contrary to popular weight reduction problem of T drop]. All hormones working properly with positive values, every needed mineral and vitamin level in abundance.

    Photo session before/after

    You know the details, now is the part where you can see for yourself the result of our short mesocycle. Ever wondered what will be the result of mixing beautiful girl, hard training, individual diet and the willpower to progress?

    Girl with a biceps

    Whose do you call a weak gender???

    Brand new shoulders

    Strong back and new glutes

    Nice V

    Who got tiny waist?

    Decent change

    Mysterious spot in the wall

    New upperbody width changes body shape

    The firmer you are, the greater the buttocks

    Great proportions

    New mass

    Pony Tail don't lie. She is more upright!

    Pony Tail says nothing, but brand new back and buttocks do!

    Artistic I

    Artistic II

    Artistic III

    Artistic IV

    Artistic V

    CASE 2.

    Basic Info.

    AGE 22
    HEIGHT 164

    Monia was interested in overall progress. There wasn’t specific domination of needs. Good quality progress in mass gain, fat reductions and strength progress. She achieved very positive result. But she is one of those cases that you should read carefully, because there are few things to learn.

    Monia got one weaknesses that we tried to eliminate with 50% success. She has big problem in going past comfort zone. Both diet and training. It is a sinusoid. One good workout, one normal, one little bit lazy. One week of good diet by the book, one little bit less, one with many cheats and lost meals.

    Whenever we pushed her to fight for it, she made it perfect. But after this she withdraw to a cheaty stance. Up and down, whole 10 weeks.
    Normally that’s ok. Every other person would greatly benefit from such attitude. Abundance of regeneration, abundance of food when needed, strength rush when needed etc. But for Monia – thing is not so “pinky”. Her body type demands more fight in order to build mass. Strength gain and fatloss comes extremely easy for her. But in order to add decent size she needs to push it – fight for the last rep, keep herself straight during training [she uses a little bit cheated technique which normally is ok for average person but not for her], and SHE MUST watch her diet.

    That is her weakness which we found, named and identify. Next time she will know better.

    No matter what – she’s done damn good job. By reading results keep in mind that she is 20 kg and 10 cm smaller than Os_Girl.

    Strength results

    LIFT START [kg] END [kg] GAIN [kg]
    BARBELL SQUAT [kg] 60 82,5 22,5
    BENCH PRESS [kg] 40 47,5 7,5
    DEADLIFT RDL [kg] 40 92,5 52,5
    BARBELL ROW [kg] 55 67,5 12,5
    BIG THREE TOTAL 140 222,5 82,5

    Look at deadlift gain. Now – try to remember where was the last time that you – dear reader – achieved 52,5 kg progress in any lift during 9 weeks of training? Feeling embarrassed by a girl? You should. She has done a great job. Few weeks more and she will demolish her bodyweight on the bench press which is not very common for female bodybuilders. No any sign of overtraining after mesocycle. She still got fuel in the tank left. In terms of strength gain – complete success.

    Skinfold measures

    SKINFOLD START [mm] END [mm] LOST [mm]
    ABS SKINFOLD 13 8 5
    THIGH SKINFOLD 20 15 5
    CALF FOLD 13 9 4
    SUM 88 55 33

    As we see, very nice fat drop. That is one of things that comes easy for her. Going deeper under 60 mm for women is harder as for men. But as shown – possible without any dramatic sacrifice. No hardcore burners, ephedrine or any other kind of crap were used. Normal, clean and healty diet, occasionally official or unofficial cheat day.


    MEASURE START [cm] END [cm] GAIN [cm]
    FOREARM [cm] 24,5 25,5 1
    BICEPS [cm] 27 27,5 0,5
    CALF [cm] 35 35,5 0,5
    THIGH [cm] 56 54 -2
    HIP [cm] 94 92 -2
    WAIST [cm] 73 65 -8
    CHEST [cm] 81,5 84 2,5
    SHOULDERS [cm] 99 101,5 2,5

    Above we see classical proper progress. But also we must keep in mind that mass is her weak point. Results are great but comparing to her strength gain we see that mass job is on 50% done. There is a lesson to remember. Whatever you do – the most gain will come from overcoming your weaknesses. Bypassing weak point result gives halved result.
    But sill, adding size during serious fatloss is the clear sign that she put much effort to trainings.


    TOTAL BODY MASS [kg] 56,5 55,4
    BODY FAT [%] 16,738 11,7844
    FAT MASS [kg] 9,45697 6,5285576
    LEAN BODY MASS 47,04303 48,8714424

    DIRECT FAT LOSS [kg] 2,9284124
    LEAN MASS GAIN [kg] 1,8284124

    Weight drop 1 kg. Clear sign of good hardcore fat reduction. Nearly 3 kg of clean fat-loss. In terms of scaling the whole team – she made the biggest burning! Job well done.
    No matter how much we will bash her weak point, she still added 1,8kg to her muscle frame. That’s extremely good.

    Final note

    Monia is the only girl that bypassed obstacles and finished full 10 course. Kudos to her. She made impressive progress. All board was watching her final 7 days struggle all alone. 55 kgs of real living strength.

    Strength gain – full success
    Fatloss – full success
    Muscle gain – ok, but as for her, it could been better!
    Condifitioning – full success

    Photo session before/after

    Every diamond got some cranny. In this case the artificial light is giving shades in after session and distance to camera is changed.

    CASE 3

    Basic info

    AGE 22
    HEIGHT 159

    Stekat performance is another great case that is worth mentioning. She is the prime example of how much the environment can interfere with the best effort. Stekat did her best but she was overwhelmed with studying and lots of personal life really important things. High dosages of stress are not in pair with progress. She decided to stop on ninth week.

    Frankly speaking, I can’t name many more people that would stand so much work for nine weeks. She done the best what could be done during this time.

    BARBELL SQUAT [kg] 45 55 10
    BENCH PRESS [kg] 40 47,5 7,5
    DEADLIFT SUMO [kg] 55 80 25
    BARBELL ROW [kg] 45 62,5 17,5
    BIG THREE TOTAL 140 182,5 42,5

    Few trainings after the start we found crucial strength imbalance in the knee region. Legs trainings were redesigned and weights were reduced. We choose safety and investment over massive but improperly placed mass gain in quadriceps. In squat and deadlift weight were added only if Stekat was 100% sure that she is fresh and stable – no rushes, no risks.

    Overall strength gain is very good.

    Skinfold measures

    ABS SKINFOLD 16 11 5
    THIGH SKINFOLD 22 17 5
    CALF FOLD 11 7 4
    SUM 90 63 27

    Quite nice body-fat drop. Strongest point in the metamorphosis.


    FOREARM [cm] 25 25 0
    BICEPS [cm] 27,5 29 1,5
    CALF [cm] 36 37 1
    THIGH [cm] 50 51 1
    HIP [cm] 92 89 -3
    WAIST [cm] 79,5 75,5 -4
    CHEST [cm] 88,5 89 0,5
    SHOULDERS [cm] 105 104 -1

    Here we see the real result of personal life distractions. Whole mesocycle looked like one step forward-two steps back, two step forward-one step back etc. That’s why we see mixed results in measurement gains.


    TOTAL BODY MASS [kg] 56 54,9
    BODY FAT [%] 16,738 13,0228
    FAT MASS [kg] 9,37328 7,1495172
    LEAN BODY MASS 46,62672 47,7504828

    DIRECT FAT LOSS [kg] 2,2237628
    LEAN MASS GAIN [kg] 1,1237628

    The results looks very good! But we must be clear – It is not her full potential. Too much distraction and stress. Uncontrolled mood change etc. That was not her best time.

    Final note

    Strength gain – good
    Fat loss – full success
    Mass gain – average
    Conditioning – full success

    By this case we received good guide. How much can personal distraction interfere with your results. The answer is harsh. It can completely change your best effort into something average. Keep in mind. Don’t blame methods, weights or yourself. If something is distracting you – eliminate the threat first cause it will limit you otherwise.

    All in all. Metamorphosis is clearly visible. Nice one!

    Photo session before/after

    Other cases

    Three more girls were taking part in Experiment I: First Metamorphosis.

    1. Shizuru. Girl got great potential and is full of energy. She quit soon after the start because she couldn’t go on with work times and training times simultaneously. That was big loss.

    2. Patsy. Girl was fresh starter. She quit after the half of time because she achieved serious job promotion and could not maintain the time she spent in the gym. That was quite big loss cause she was progressing well in strength and in fatloss. At start she described herself as weak and scared of big weights but yet she progressed damn good week to week.

    3. Mila. That was a funny girl. Another fresh starter. At first we got a little rough argues concerning her abuse of diet cheating. After some time we achieved success. She was progressing good. Then all of sudden she got injured. Not during heavy squat, not during push pressing, not during ultra-heavy deadlift. That would be too normal. She injured herself during bad landing performing… glute ham raise. That is called: REALLY BAD LUCK. Few days after she broke nose by accident during shopping. We were missing her positive funny humor. Really nice girl.


    Experiment I is a great success. We are deeply grateful to the girls. We are proud of them, they did their best. BRAVO!
    We would like also to greatly thank our community for continuous support and motivation for the girls. You’re the best!

    As for me – every day was interesting. Cooperation played nice. Remember that data provided in this article is only a scratch. Girls performed many exercises, sprinted, run intervals etc. All their work and many other small things can be found on Experiment forum, here at MNBBC.COM

    Experiments are going on. This time we start BIG! Full two big mesocycles in the row. No gender limit. Watch out for recruitment!

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      Well done girls, it's nice to look at the results of your work. Congratulations!
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      Thank u Puma! I love u, and things u dio with us. Girls u are fantastic! As usual it was wonderfult time to work with You! I hope we show our bests in next experiment!
    1. mila's Avatar
      Congratulations Girls!!!! It really was big adventure!
      I learnt a lot about my self. It's also nice to read something about me...
      Thank You Puma for everything, thank You Yoyo for your support all that time.
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      congratulations girls .nice effects first girl is my favourite