• MNBBC.COMs man about himself - Mike Sulewski

    by Coach Mike Sulewski

    I was born in 1974. I’ve been training with weights since 1987, which means, since the 13th year of my life. I immediately realized that bobybuilding is not only a hobby, but above all - a way of life. So, why bodybulding?

    The whole thing started rather ordinarily. I changed school before 7th grade of elementary school. In the new one, i met new friends and undeniably a totally new environment. I’m pretty sure, in the previous one nobody had even heard of bodybulding. Number one was of course football (thanks to polish national team achievements during WC in 1982, despite the complete disaster in 1986). It was in the new school where paths of Bartek Radtke (who later became 3-times world champion in bench pressing) and mine, have crossed. We soon found common ground, as it had turned out that he knew the subject thoroughly, had a barbell and some weights. I had a large (as for conditions in those times) basement. That’s how it originated. Exactly on 27th September 1987....and it lasts till present times.

    I must admit I was certainly lucky, because from the very beginning I was coming across right people and right places. It turned out that Bartek’s uncle was Ryszard Rećko, weightlifer and coach in WKS Flota Gdynia.
    Soon, we landed up there as the only „non-weightlifters“ at the gym. Those were unforgettable times and the most valuable period of my trainings (also in terms of mentdal development) as far as I’m concerned.
    The repulsive smell of sweat during trainings, which could be smelled even in/at the gym’s entrance was unbearable for ordinary people, but for us, it was like a drug and encouraged to training even more.

    The ability to train in one gym with champions of power- and weightlifting, the atmosphere of friendly competition, rapport were inimitable and had motivational influence. Many times we used to train right after school without even eating the dinner (we didn’t have time to eat after school, and the last meal we used to have was around 12.30). Still, each of us was pushing himself to the limits.

    It was Ryszard Rećko who influenced me greatly, even though he was already against bodybulding (probably seeing it goes the wrong way). Not only did he give us valuable pieces of advice concerning lifting weights but also (i’m not afraid to say that), provided us with moral clues. When I recall those times, I appreciate the value of those coversations, even if they were in fact Ryszard Rećko’s monologues. I am and will be grateful for them, till the end of my life. They had a great impact on young man’s psyche - it menas on me. It’s really hard to find such coaches these days.

    Fate gave me a marvellous opportunity to repay to my mentor and former coach. Being an adult, working for press and internet site I had several occassions to describe Ryszard Rećko’s carreer and trainings, who...became a bodybuilder in his 50-ties! He even won bodybuilding debuts!!!

    Looking at the development of proffesional bodybulding and seeing the direction it was heading for, I’ve never decided to compete. Truths provided by Ryszard Rećko also played great role in it. I don’t regret. Thanks to my moral attitude I wasn’t driven by the steroid craze. Since, despite my young age, I had a lot to do with professionals, I was aware of the side effects and the fact that there was absolutely no use, taking them on amateur level, especially in the young age. Over many consecutive years my adventure with bodybuilding was limited only to training. Constant experimanting with new methods, where I was the guinea pig. With the years passing by and becoming more experienced, I started creating for me and my colleagues methods, being a mix od Weider’s rules. At the beginning of the present decade, when an internet boom took place (and along came the nutrition and coaching market) I decided to use my experience, which I’d been for such a long time. Firstly, as a hobby, than I figured out it can be a cash cow to some extent. Today, bodybuilding and everything which is connected with widely considered weight training, nutrition and supplementation, are not only my passion but a way to make a living.

    I’ a professionally qualified sport instructor with specialization Bodybuilding (The Ministry of national education and sport). Today, I study at WSTiH in Gdańsk on „Dietetics and Gastronomy“ departament. I’ve published over 100 articles concerning training, nutrition, supplementation in magazines like: „Kulturystyka i Fitness“, „Strongmania“, and „Kulturystyka i Fitness Sport dla Wszystkich“.

    In 2001-2008 I took an active part in co-forming internet site „Kulturystyka“ and SFD (Sport Discussion Forum).

    I was the co-former and leader of bulletin „coach24„ and also „pick the training“, „pick supplementation“, „pick diet“, having over 400 individual clients. They still exist but without my input and involvement.

    On daily basis, I occupy myself with complex planning of individual training, nutrition and supplementation suited for particular person, her targets, free time and abilities. I constantly cooperate with proffesional sportsmen from different disciplines and people doing it just for fun.

    I’ll list some of the ‚Big’ names:

    Igor Warabida

    Penthatlonist, 2-times Olympian, 7-time World Championships medalist, 6-time Poland Championships medalist. Started his carreer at the age of 9 in KKS Polonia Warsaw in swimming section. When he turned 14, he started attending the modern penthatlon section in CWKS Legia Warsaw where he had his biggest successes up till ending the carreer in 2000. Married, he makes a living by working in advertisement industry, privately still connected with sport.
    Achievements at Olympic Games:
    1996 Atlanta - 5th place individually
    2000 Sydney - 15th place individually

    Joseph McNaull - basketball

    Position: center
    1994-1995: Long Beach St. (NCAA)
    1995-1996: Nantes (18.4 pkt, 11 zb)
    1996-1997: Komfort Stargard Szczeciński (21pkt, 13 zb)
    1997-1998: Śląsk Wrocław
    1998-1999: Śląsk Wrocław (13.7 pkt)
    1999-2000: Zepter Śląsk Wrocław (11.7 pkt, 8.1 zb)
    2000-2001: Zepter Śląsk Wrocław (13.6 pkt, 6.4 zb; Suproleague: 10.4 pkt, 7.6 zb)
    2001-2002: Prokom Trefl Sopot (Saporta’s Cup: 10 matches: 11.2 pkt, 8,3 zb, 1 as) in February he suffered from serious knee injury and didn’t play in any futher match.
    2002-2003: Prokom Trelf Sopot

    Maja Kominiak - Fitness, Figure Athlete

    During our cooperation Maja made her debut in proffesional Fitness, winning both „First Step“ and „PZKFiTS Debuts“, and then she also won bronze medal at Poland Championships.

    Marcin Maszota - Bodybuilder

    In the same season as Maja Kominak, Marcin made his debut on „First Step“, winnig the silver medal on „PZKFiTS Debuts“ afterwards.

    Grzegorz „Jakubek“ Jakubowski (Mightybulls Gdynia)

    Coach and a living legend of polish MMA...
    Till 2006 he was considered the best MMA figher in Poland and one of the best in Europe. Grzegorz quit from professional sport after KSW9, when he lost the fight to UFC’s veteran, Jordan Radev. His record : 6 years of fighting, 29 fights (21 W, 6 L, 2 D).

    Łukasz Janas (Mightybulls Gdynia)

    Winning the BerlinFightClub 2004
    2nd place at German Championships ‚2004 (to 77kg)
    2nd place at Gdynia’s Cup 2004 (FLOTA), in Martial Arts to 75kg
    4th place in Martial Arts (to 70kg) - Warsaw 24.01.2004
    contestant of Outsider Cup II and Colosseum Gala I
    contestant at Colosseum Gala II

    Sławomir Szamota

    Black Belt BJJ
    Main coach of Tychy Bastion
    Fighter competing in BJJ, Submission Fighting and MMA
    Multi-champion of Poland in BJJ and Submission Fighting
    Bronze medalist od European Championships ADCC 2008
    The winner of Poland’s Cup in Vale Tudo and many both amateur and professional MMA fights.
    Record in professional fights (6-1-1)

    Sławomir Toczek - Strongman

    One of the best Strongmen in Poland and Europe in last seasons.
    Multi-medalist of prestigious contests in this discipline

    Dariusz „The Oil“ Olejniczak - Arka Gdynia - Member of Poland’s National Team of Rugby

    Since last autumn I’ve been working as an instructor in prestigious club „Baltic Oasis“ in Gdynia.