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    Progress form.
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  • Introduction to Female Natural Bodybuilding, Part II. Taking real measurements.

    by Puma

    Every change comes from the need. Where is a need, there comes a plan, realization and the final goal. Path is clear. Something is bad and something is perfect. You just put a link between it, and that’s it, ready to go. Is it? Make a step backward. How do you know that something is wrong? What is your decision criteria? What is your method of evaluation? And now, ask yourself, how do you know that your goal is your real goal? How will you measure that you reached the goal? That questions only look like simple. The truth behind them is very brutal. Most so called “useful” tools that mass media are feeding women for few decades is a complete scam. Popular methods of taking measures are nor valid, nor giving you any feedback. Let’s learn the human anatomy in another try to “decrap” you knowledge. Phase II of our metamorphosis – taking real measurements. In short – watch a body in reality not false assumption and be your own scam detector. Here we go, deciphering another common reason of body-changing failure.

    In Part I of our series, you read about postural balance. Now, you know why your body look like how it look, you understand the need to achieve straight, proper and safe posture in order to become alfa female. The reason why part one was putted before measurements is obvious. Modern society and it’s life style and habits enforce body pathologies. Measuring “wicked” body will give you false-positive data. It should be done, but don’t treat it as any guide. Another reason why it was first in order – is to convince you of its importance. Don’t forget about it, cause it’s key element of body recomposition.

    In Part II we will talk about taking body measurements. In simple words the process of body measuring is done to acquire useful data of your body [not always a number!]. This data will give you a feedback to evaluate your starting point. If you know where you are, you can start planning where you want to go. For example – if you are lost in high, unknown forest, where you see only high trees in every direction – reading the map will give you nothing. You will see the place you want to be, but still you will not know how to get there. You need data – your placement data. Taking out working GPS will solve the problem completely. No GPS ? Still it’s doable. Observe stars position, observe mosses, climb the three to have better view, even use your nose, maybe you will smell the direction of “civilization”, if you know that someone is looking for you – make sound or light signal to help them find you. That’s what you do when you are lost. Use complete methods [gps] or the sum of half methods if you cannot use paid solutions. The same is with your body. Every method gives you data. Some gives you true data, some give you false-positive data which will lead you into wolf’s cave.

    Composition of female body

    By definition “body “stands the sum of every tissues and fluids. We can generalize it to organs, skeletal system, muscular system, fat tissue, other tissues, and water [water is nearly everywhere]. As you see, our point of view is taking other perspective that what you learned at school. There is no real change, we only did other method of selection to our grouping. This division is often used in bodybuilding, get used to it cause it’s very clear and helpful.

    By organs we mean heart and whole cardiovascular system, stomach and whole digestive system, and the rest of human body organs like eyes for example. We exclude fat tissue around organs and part of cardiovascular system which is located in muscles – from obvious reason - we are taking measurements, not post-mortem autopsy.
    By skeletal system we mean bones and joints. That’s is something to remember, cause other divisions use “musculoskeletal” and “bones” as different grouping.
    By muscular system we mean muscles and tendons. Take note as above.
    By fat tissue we mean subcutaneous fat [under the skin], visceral fat [around organs], and yellow bone marrow. But also fat in the liver and fat in the muscles which in terms of bodybuilding is of great importance [mostly negative].
    By other tissues we mean integumentary system which includes skin, nails, hair etc.
    By water we mean [that’s tricky and important] all fluids in human body which weight fluctuate.

    As you see, grouping method is simplified to few important categories from our point of view. Very handy and easy to use, yet not destroying the clear science “big picture”.
    Another very often used method of body consistent is division by “mass”. It’s used for many formulas and equations and it’s very important to understand this. Whole body and everything in it is measured as body mass represented in kilograms or pounds [depending on the region] and named Total Body Mass – shortened to TBM. TBM is divided into two components: Lean Body Mass and Body Fat Mass.

    BFM is every fat tissue in human body that you can influence on directly – for example fat under the skin.
    LBM is the rest of the mass. TBM = CBM + FBM so LBM = TBM – FBM
    As you see – that is a big generalization, but controversially it is good to know it. You know the basics now. We can start to contemplate measurement methods in “pros and cons” style.

    Weighing scale measurement

    Don't scream. Learn what you see.

    Scale is a simple instrument. There are spring scales and electronics scales, to mention only the most common ones. You put object on it, and it shows the mass of the object. If you are weighing yourself it will show your total body weight. And that is the biggest flaw. Scale cannot be used as a sole method to measure your progress. It shows TBM – that means the sum mass of: organs, bones, muscles, fat, other tissues and fluids. It can’t show anything particular, no selection, only everything at once.

    As you read part I, you know that process of metamorphosis is consisting in altering of body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, water retention and many other small things. We are doing recomposition. Shifting proportions, adding muscle mass [rarely loosing], loosing body fat [rarely adding]. The ratio of weight to size of fluids, muscles and fat is different. Mass don’t reflect size directly, and size don’t reflect mass directly in reality. That’s only assumption, most often wrongly used. In bigger picture and time scale it is true – but such high point of view give as false data. TBM don’t equal progress for most of goals. And second most important think – TBM no matter how high or low, don’t even remotely reflect if someone is thin or fat! Mass is physics value, state of leanesity is visual evaluation. It can’t be compared. That is the biggest mistake being made by nearly every mass media article/video. It’s another reason of “recomp” failure. Let’s make few examples.

    Kate started her metamorphosis. She got her examination done, she’s doing rehab, working out, eating diet designed for her by dietitian. At start she weight 70 kg [154 pounds], 3 months later she’s measuring again, and:

    Scale shows 60 kg [132 pounds] . 10 kg [ 22 pounds] difference, huuuraay?. Weight showed 60 kg of TBM. What could have happened?
    1. Bad diet [for example 1000 Kcal diet] burned her muscles. She is still as fat as she was, but now even worse – she is skinny fat! From health, posture and overall look it is a disaster not a progress. Expect yoyo effect. It’s most common effect of “magazine style diets”.
    2. Serious loss of fluids + other smaller change. That is not a change. Diet and workouts was badly designed and did nothing. By altering eating habits she stopped her big water retention and flushed more with high cardio. She is still as fat as she was. Weight will come back shortly, even 1-2 days. This is second common effect of “magazine style diets”.
    3. She was really, really fat. She lost 15 kg of fat and gained 5 kg of muscles. That is a drastic change. It often happen in first phases of metamorphosis by result off adding weight on scale [or no TBM change]. It is very rarely happening in the “minus” result. You will learn more about this in “diet” article in our series. In short – modern days human are seriously underfeed and underweight [again, don’t make false assumption that size=weight in 1:1 ratio].

    Scale shows 75 kg. 5 kg difference in plus, huuuraay? Nope. What could have happened?
    1. Bad diet. She gained fat. She is fatter than she was. Again, another magical result of wonderful mass media diets. Another things – she switched to processed and hardly digested food, and added weight is a result of food still in digestive system.
    2. She’s in the peak of the period. Standard water retention for her– no change. That is the most overlooked thing I see in most of routines designed this days. How can anyone order you to measure progress only by scale and not remind you of it ?
    3. She lost 5 kg of fat and gained 10 kg of muscles. That’s actually is a good thing.

    Scale shows 70 kg. 0 Difference, mmm??? What could have happened?
    1. Bad diet and workouts. No difference.
    2. Mixture of good and bad. Water out, muscle in, fat the same for example.
    3. She lost 5 kg of fat and gained 5 kg of muscle. That is actually good result. The minimum you want, but positive.

    What did you observed by reading those examples? Scale is showing the level of change. What kind of change? Change in Total Body mass in plus, in minus, or the same. What it gives you in your road to your goal? Nothing besides a change in TBM. Such change can be everything. It can disaster, it can by success, it can sign periodical peak, sickness, retention etc. You can only make assumption. Assumption is not a measure. Scale alone is not worth your interest. Evaluating your progress by scale is a failure.

    Lot of truly earned bashing. But – scale, as one type measurement used with others at once gives you a good light on whole situation. Rather the sign of that something is going wrong [no matter direction], but always it is a sign that is worth to being noted.

    How to properly use weight?
    - Take measure regularly, once a week, on the same day, on the same time. For example, every Sunday.
    - Weigh yourself as the first thing in the morning, after toilet, no washing or makeup allowed.
    - Weigh yourself on empty stomach – no drinking, no eating, no stimulants
    - Weigh yourself naked – absolutely no clothes or underwear
    - Use always the same scale
    - Use good quality scale [avoid cheap sales, quality does matter!]
    - Every scale is losing precision after 1-2 years of using
    - Always log your weigh
    - Weigh yourself day after non-training day
    - Don’t place weighing day after “party” days
    - Again – weigh yourself no matter what

    Body Mass Index

    BMI is another “great” tool of progress measure. It was designed in the early half of nineteenth century, as a statistical measure of body weight. It’s definition clearly says it has nothing to do with individual person and it’s attributes, yet all “mass media mafia” use it as a key factor.

    SI Equation: BMI= kg / m*m
    Imperial Equation: BMI = lb * 703 / in * in

    Result range:
    BMI <18,5 = underweight
    BMI 18,5-20 = normal weight
    BMI 25-30 = overweight
    BMI > 30 = obese

    As you see it uses your TBM and your height. What is actual meaning and real usefulness of such mass, you read in part about scale. Add weight to this – and you get another result with no serious meaning for the individual person.

    Formula is brutal. It is putting to one sack everyone. So for example heavy mass division female bodybuilder will be categorized as obese, doesn’t matter that she got lowest possible body fat level. High Lean Body Mass is putting her into obese group. Sexy looking light bodybuilder with low body fat level can be normal as well as her friend with extremely low muscle mass level but high level of fat. Girl with big bones can be also described as normal, even if her other mass is pushing her into anorexia division.
    If you have done any kind of sport activity – forget about BMI. It is a false data. Leave it for the time when you will be president or prime minister to control your country population .

    Waist-to-hip ratio

    WHR was not designed as a measure of progress. I really don’t know who run on the crazy idea that it can be used as a body composition method. It is a tool to search for serious health problem. As you know from part one, postural factors and pathologies can alter the result to the point of “rubbish”. As you will learn from the diet and hormonal part – method is good only to find extremities and is not usable for normal person of even medicore health.
    There are many more formulas depending solely on weight, weight + age, weight + height, weight + particular width. Most of them are NOT body composition or progress measures. Some of them are good clinical tools to uncover health problems.

    Measuring width dimensions

    That is a real deal my dear ladies. Properly used and aided with other measures, it will be your daily bread and butter. Mention the world “properly”. That’s means if used solely – the result will be the same as with scale and TBT. It will show overall change of all in one – but nothing in particular. You can’t guess what. Take a look at the waist. What comes in the measure?
    Organs + around organ tissue + spine + muscles + stomach and food in it + food in further digestive system + water and other fluid level + muscle fat + fat under skin in + other tissues.
    Too many factors to surely say – I’m ok, or I’m not progressing.
    For example – increased width of waist in metamorphosis can mean:

    Build up of abdominal muscles [rectus abdominins and obliques for example, there are many more], build up of back muscles, water retention, food in stomach, allergy, food intolerance, food being digested, after training effect[during, after, long after etc. it will be described later] effect, inflammation, fluid gathering, gaining fat around organs, organs problem, gaining fat in skin fold, injury, period peak. The same goes for same result, or minus result. You can’t predict what happened solely on width measure. Too many factors, too many things are happening at once. The total disaster recipe is to use scale and width measures as the only methods. Two results which alone gives you nothing useful, as well as together.
    But as it was written at first – combining this with proper method is a way to go.
    What places should female natural bodybuilder measure ?

    As progress watch:

    Lower portion of Chest

    As markers:


    Advanced female natural bodybuilders often use triple measures, for example biggest width of thigh, and between that line and knee as well as between that line and hip. It’s for detail reshaping purposes. It’s too much for a fresh starter.

    How to perform width measures correctly?

    - Take measure regularly, once a week, on the same day, on the same time. For example, every Sunday.
    - Measure yourself as the first thing in the morning, after toilet, no washing or makeup allowed.
    - Measure yourself on empty stomach – no drinking, no eating, no stimulants
    - Measure yourself naked – absolutely no clothes or underwear
    - Use always the same tape.
    - Always log your measures
    - Measure yourself day after non-training day
    - Don’t place measuring day after “party” days
    - Again – weigh yourself no matter what
    - Always measure yourself in standing, straight position
    - Don’t flex muscles when you measure them, keep it normal
    - Don’t hyperextend joints
    - Measure width in the widest place
    - Don’t measure to tight or too loose – no cheating!

    That’s where the basics end. Now it’s time for something more practical, hitting something specified.

    Skin fold measures

    That is our connector between all methods. It can give you a better scope at the situation what is going on in your body. It will not show things in 100% reliability, but combining it with other methods [scale, width measures and other mentioned in paragraphs below] will give you deep understanding of actual progress. Be aware – wrong performance of pinching will bastardize the result. As you see – it’s very good supplement method, but comes with the price – you must learn to do it. Nothing too difficult but be aware that you need to master it. Expect that first measurements will be wrong.

    In order to measure skinfold you need body fat caliper. Don’t buy electronic one. They are tempting. I will not go in the details of engineering and construction and reliability of digital sampling units. I will make it short – the most accurate, durable and professional – coast lots of money. Cheaper ones will soon give you inaccurate data. Buy and use manual ones.
    Of course, at the very beginning u can make your own caliper using mechanic tools for example. No need to do brain storm. But as you get money – buy good one.

    How to pinch?

    The same rules as for taking width plus:
    - Pick skinfold you want to pinch
    - Pinch skinfold with two fingers
    - Separate pinching area form the muscle
    - Put caliper on the skinfold [aprox. 1 cm]
    - Measure after few seconds
    - Repeat three times [not in the row]
    - Take average number form proper measures, eliminate wrong measure from equation
    - You got your first skinfold measure
    - Do it for the every area that you are supposed to test

    There are many sites that are measurable:

    Triceps skin fold
    Biceps skin fold
    Cheek skin fold
    Chin skin fold
    Hand skin fold
    Hammstring skin fold
    Upper back skin fold
    Chest skin fold
    Axilla skin fold
    Subscapular skin fold
    Thigh skin fold
    Iliac crest skin fold
    Supraspinale skin fold
    Abdominal skin fold
    Calf skin fold
    Forearm skin fold
    Lower back skin fold
    Forearm skin fold
    Upper back skin fold
    Hand skin fold

    To be true – there are many more sites, and different types of gripping. Checking all this sites regularly with no serious need is pure insanity and waste of time. Checking important sites and your specialization sites on weekly basis is a way to go. Do full test after finish of whole training phase.
    The most important things to remember – learn how to test sites – preferable learn from someone who can show you how to do it properly. Add pinching to your “Sunday” measuring routine, just after scale and width measurements.

    What skinfold measurement gives you? It tests the thickness of under skin fat. Don’t get yourself fooled on this – it also measure fluids [most to be bypassed by good technique of pinching, but don’t expect 100% success] and skin.
    It is worth mention that any equation of body fat percentage level using solely skin fold testing is only partial assumption. Let’s look at average [not to simple, not too complicated] equation. It’s one of my favorite. Fast, easy to use, not to narrow and not to wide.

    Yuhasz Equation for females:

    BF% = (0.1548 x sum of skin folds) + 3,580
    Sum of skin fold in mm = triceps, thigh, calf, subscapular, supraspinale, abdominal folds

    As you see, equation uses only skin folds as input. “3,580” must substitute your individuality, other fat skinfolds, other fat location [read beginning of this article] etc etc. It’s assumption, not real result. Treat it as motivational toy.
    O would rather want you to observe the change in particular folds. Watch single, watch the whole sum.
    For example measuring biceps and triceps fold, measuring arm width, aiding with a look on scale and visual evaluation, can give you a deeper picture at what really happened in your arm. You can surely analyze the actual progress.
    On weakly basis check main sites – triceps, biceps, calf, subscapular, supraspinale and abdominal + 1-2 places of greater importance to you. Occasionally measure the rest [pick 10-15 for example].

    Visual evaluation

    You got your mathematical tools, ready to use. What’s left ? The most important thing. Natural bodybuilding is an art. We must analyze the progress from visual point of view.
    Add this to your “Sunday” measuring routine. The more experienced you become, the more important this evaluation is, and less important become the other tools. Building your body is all about proportions, symmetry, curves, lines, and this special “thing” that makes everything look better. A little bit of illusion two. Stand in front of the mirror for few minutes. Watch every part of your body from various angles, make notes.

    The beginners got problem with this. You must know your body first – and learn anatomy.
    Description “big” for example for buttocks is not a valid description. Big muscle mass ? Which muscles ? Wide ? Thick ? Too round ? Too much body fat ? Too big compared to small legs ? Too much loose skin ?
    You must learn this process of testing yourself. It’s very, very tricky.
    Do 10 photos of you in bodybuilding poses and 10 natural photos, all in underwear at the beginning and at the end of every mesocycle.


    Understanding what is “going on” and composing your body and particular body parts is a knowledge without which you will fail. That’s why most women run away from bodybuilding. They see little, temporal change, don’t understand the process, the rules, the post effects and what’s real, what’s not. You got to be patient and smart. You decide what division [feather light, light, medium etc.] you want to fit. Half of them are so light that average person on the street will see really attractive women, not a bodybuilder! It’s all about you, and what you really want. It’s your choice. Natural bodybuilding comes in many shapes and flavors.
    As you read, you surely noticed that few things are mentioned briefly. That’s on purpose. Stay tuned for next articles.

    Be patient. It's most importat factor.


    Image: Stefano Valle / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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