• Introduction to Female Natural Bodybuilding, Part I. Postural Balance.

    By Puma

    Natural bodybuilding is not only a sport. It is a life style, but more than that. It is the true art. One of the most beautiful aspects of this art is female natural bodybuilding. Combine art, recomposition, science, symmetry and a women. You will get the most astonishing view that you will remember for very, very long time. Breath taking, finesse, strong, firm and sexy. I will tell you a secret – every women can achieve this no matter the age, continent or genetics. There is one simple rule. Switch your mind to “listen to the science and your body” mode on, and switch off all the crap that you read in popular magazines and TV. Modern mass media are like mafia of stupidity. Myths, urban legends, unproved fairy tales – nothing more. Ask yourself – do you want to be like another “celebrity wannabe”, eating hundreds pills a day, spending hours a day putting on ten layers of cosmetics, and attending surgery once a year – all with a medicore and temporal effect? Or maybe you will come to your senses, realize the real situation, learn and perform real deal of training 4-7 times a week for 15-45 minutes ? Idea is pretty straight forward – throw the shamanism through the window and start using science and practical knowledge. The process of “decrapping” require you to absolutely forget everything that you learned till now. Here it is – phase I of your guide to metamorphosis – lesson one – postural balance, and how can it completely alter your figure.

    Human body is composed mostly of water, that’s the base. But what really is human body, and why it looks like it looks ? Every women and men is a member of most dominant earth hunter – human. Perfect body designed to kill, survive and prolong the race. In modern days we don’t kill, nor hunt. Our body is adapting to the new situation, by slowly evolving to the new look direction. In nature, everything happens because of the reason. Muscles mass comes from efforts – fight, build, hold, gather. Condition comes from effort – run away, chase, carry. Body shape comes from using the body – big upper body – work using hands, big lower body – work using legs. Body posture mean only one thing – straight ,wide ,healthy posture – he/she fights, got condition, is active, don’t try anything stupid cause she/he can fight back. Lousy posture, swayback, thin, head down and forward – shy, person of worst category in a pack, last position in hierarchy, unattractive, weak and unworthy. Don’t need to go brainstorm on this one – it means – to hunt or be hunted. We can decompile it even further – great glutes – fast runner, high dexterity, will defend, probably best lover in the pack. Big back – will cover you, will hold you, will carry you etc. etc. for every body part in your body.

    What is a reason for such a long introduction ? Key answer in this riddle is “adapting” to the situation. Everyone wants to look great, natural leader, strong and firm. But these days we are doing nothing. Absolutely nothing to achieve this. Body will not be straight if it will not be used. Muscles will not shape great glutes, not build sexy female hourglass with great curves if you will be doing nothing. Body is stubborn – it’s main function is to survive. It will not build anything if it will not see damn good reason. Every girl wants to look like sexy alfa female. But you will not look like alfa, if your activity level is like archaic omega.
    Let’s compare old days “alfa female” to these days “alfa wannabe female”.

    Get up:

    Alfa female: Get up on dawn, eat fresh clean meat hunted yesterday, eat greens and other jungle/forest food gathered yesterday. Well feed – energy to survive the whole day. Not feed – possibly killed by other predator till midday.
    Alfa wannabe female: Get up on the hour that you need, no routine. Drink coffee, maybe smoke cigarette. Too early to eat. Maybe some juice or fruit. No real feel of hunger. Another activity free day. Problems at getting up – need stimulants to wake.

    Daily activities:

    Alfa female: Bring water from river – build buckets, grab stick, put it and 20 liters of water on her back, travel few kilometers/miles. Gather food from forest– arm is in up position. No male hunter avaible? Go hunt animal – set a trap, chase, fight, kill using hands, bring food on your back to home. Prepare food. Feed children, feed secondary pack males/females last. Check perimeter, fight any other predator trying to hunt on your pack or still your food. Eat after – you need food to survive. Do - eat, do - eat. No place to be hungry. Hungry and no food ? Find food. Hungry and not been able to find found – female will die in few days. Night is coming – secure area, prepare everything for next day, fall asleep to regenerate for next hard day. She will get up stronger. Clean food she ate and high sun dosage will make her skin, nails and hair look great.

    Alfa wannabe female: Ride to work – by car, by bus or by train. Sit for 6-12 hours on you buttocks. Use phone or computer. 90% of workday is spent in unnatural, immobile position – sitting on a chair by desk or standing in front of the customer. At work – wannabe eats fast food or other processed food or another dose of fruits. Lots of stimulants – coffee, tea or cigarettes. Sometimes drugs, to kick her in focus. After work , three options [depending on the culture]. Go to the pub and drink alcohol, socialize, have fun. Second options – go shopping. Buy processed food, buy other things, socialize. Third option – go home. At home – do something to relax after “hard day”. Watch TV, surf the net. Seat, do nothing. Eat biggest meal of a day at the evening. Daily activities – clean, select and buy, intellectual work etc. – all involve a movement to reach something laying in front or under you. Arms working in down position. It’s more casual and effort free. Fall asleep watching TV, or by taking a pill. Another boring day comes to an end. She didn’t eat anything with good value. She must eat supplements, use tons of cosmetics to hide the disastrous state of her skin, nails and hair.

    Got the picture ? If you desire attractive body – your activity level must meet requirement. That means effort – daily repeated efforts. It’s simple mathematical equation:
    Input * process = result
    If you eat crappy processed only food, don’t do any real activity, the final result will be weak, unhealthy and unattractive body. Nothing more nothing less. So, you ask yourself what to do now?

    Typical fail approach:
    1. Open new edition of popular women magazine
    2. Grab 1000 kcal diet from it
    3. Go to the gym, jump on the treadmill to do some cardio
    4. Grab pink dumbbells and do some isolation work
    5. Eat 100 fat loss pills
    6. Lose 2 kg on scale
    7. Yoyo + maybe injury and boredom
    8. Gain 3 kg
    9. Say common myth –it’s too hard. Fail.
    10. Repeat one week/month/year later
    11. Die younger and uglier 10-20-30-40 years later

    What is a good approach ? Analyze your body. Take notes, figure what was is wrong with you. Correct your posture, correct your visual balance, add muscles in correct places with surgical precision, use correct diet and workouts program designed for you and your very individual goals. Every strategic process needs to be started with analysis. So – let’s start your body posture analysis.

    Alfa female, or another lost wannabe? Choice is up to you.

    Common women body types

    You all know common female body types. Every girl knows what is hers type, and the type she desire but she will never achieve. Probably you accepted it and kept on living. They are saying there is nothing you can do about it. Is it true? Of course not. There is a lot that can be done. Postural rehab in most of cases will jump start you to your desired body shape. Next phase is recomposition of your body using muscle/fat approach, and viola – u can change everything. We will start our analysis with remembering typical body divisions, in further parts you will learn that besides few obvious ones, there are really hundreds of variations, but they are easy to identify. Not doing this is the first, and most popular step in achieving failure in yours metamorphosis.

    We have got:
    Rectangular body type – shoulder width visually equals hips width. They can be the same or nearly the same. Waist is wide, creating overall illusion of rectangle. So called “flat girl”. Straight lines, no curves. Easy to manipulate.
    Triangular or pear body type – hips size greatly overcomes shoulder width, creating illusion of triangle spiked up. Waist size can by smaller than hips, or greater than hips [disaster sum of many problems ]. So called “big butt girls”. Easy to manipulate.
    Reverse triangle – shoulder width overcomes hips width. Creating illusion of triangle spiked down. Waist size can be smaller than shoulders, or bigger [disaster sum of many errors]. So called “Tomboy”. Easy to manipulate.
    Hourglass – shoulder width visually equals hips widths. They can be the same or nearly the same. Waist is narrow. Commonly called “ideal”, most often you see caricatures of hourglass then real wanted hourglass.
    Is that all ? In magazines you can find few more abbreviations. So, now you go to the mirror, look and… Something funny ? You know the types, but what about other proportions than shoulder/waist/hips ratio ? Big arms to small corpse, short legs to long corpse, big build to front – small to back, no lines only curves, no curves only lines, ugly curved legs, shoulders forward, head down, hunch, visible/invisible spine, butt or buttless? You want answer? The answer is natural bodybuilding and all it’s fantastic tools.

    Modern women body weaknesses

    We will look at women’s body from postural/joint/support muscle/bones point of view. Read it also as the informational tool – why you must train to be healthy. In this phase, we will try to stay out of “muscle subject” as much as possible.

    Common problematic areas

    1. Ankle. You love your high heel shoes, don’t you ? Your male companions love to see you in these shoes too. You look so firm, glutes are bigger and higher, legs are longer, you are higher. Great invention of modern civilization. I don’t even try to say don’t use them, because you will not listen. So, let’s see what they are doing to you posture. The higher the heel, the bigger extension of the ankle. All time calf is in contracted position. Muscle get used to shortened position too. That is complicating things. Such prolonged situation, and you will end with ankle injury. You must bring balance to eccentric and concentric action of the muscles or else your joint will suffer. Your foot fingers are in constant stretched position. But things are even worse – force vectors acting on your knee are disastrous, leading to the outside, forcing you to fight unnatural direction, which in end will end with minor or major knee injury. Remember how was it difficult to walk first time when you wore them? That’s because your body wasn’t used to unnatural movement. Extreme high heels sometimes put your ankle in hyperextended position. Besides shaping your body, your training must cure that problem – and bring order to that chaos. Wheel chair in 50ties is not a funny thing. Wheel chair is never funny. Respect your body. Use your heels if you must, but also train to rehab the joint.

    2. Knee. Every girl who starts to train fall in two categories – after knee injury or during making the injury. Factor one is problem with ankles, factor two is Q angle. Both are described in other points. Relearning of proper knee motion is possible through training thigh muscles in natural foot position – that’s means barefoot or flatfoot shoes. No heals, even small at gym!

    3. Hips. Here is the center of the body. The source of most women problems. To be precise, problem comes from your own wrong adaptation to what nature gave you. Your fault – not nature. By design women play major role in human civilization – giving birth. Your body must be a little bit modified to allow you to do it. It’s you choice if you want to have kids or not. But as a female you received various body “bonuses”. One such thing is Q Angle. What is it ?
    It is angle formed by line drawn from the anterosuperior iliac spine through the center of the patella and line drawn from the center of the patella to the center of the tibial tubercle. As studies shown, average women got 17 degrees [+-3] which in theory is only 3 degrees more than man. But remember – modern women don’t train, don’t use body in big physical effort, and literally do everything to worsen their posture. That angle might be usually bigger. That’s real problem. Nearly all women which I know that don’t train – suffer serious knee injury. Not to mention that unresolved problem lead to visual ugly X shaped legs. Proper workout with proper exercises done with proper technique, especially engaging VMO problem will cure the problem. Notice how many times I mentioned word “proper”. Another problem connecting hip, knee and ankle is improper, prolonged and often sole use of knee as a motion starter [remember those high heels?]. When you walk – the motion is started by hips. Hips starts the bent, knees are following. Not the other way around. That is natural and safe. When you start to workout you will often notice that you can’t do proper range of motion on some exercises like squat or deadlift. It’s because that your posture has degraded, some muscles are overstretched, some are too shortened, some are too tight. It’s fun to read. But when you try to squat first time you will learn that’s not funny. Pathology in using hips often leads to increased/decreased width in hip area [I’m avoiding world “muscle” us much as I can].

    4. Low back. The most common posture error among all genders. Resulting in one of the worst pains. Grand prize in achieving your own wheel chair when you get older. There is nothing funny about it. We are talking about spine. Spine injuries are the most dangerous – in worst case scenario [not so rare] they can even get you killed. Common thing even for experienced bodybuilders is rounding of the lower back. We must be clear here – human body [no matter what gender] is natural atomic power plant. It can hold and generate big force. There is only one catch – u must use your body in natural, safe and strongest position. That means natural spine position. Natural position is arch in lower back. No roundness, no flatness, no hyperextension. Safe arch. Low back must be looked after not only at the workout – it should be in proper position all day long. It’s not only for safety [but it’s the most important reason]. Forget about great buttocks if you round your back. Every exercise and daily activity which should lead in theory to glutes development, will lead to greater development of erector spinae muscles and hamstrings thus making your body less sexy and less female. Golden rule – the best position to exercise is so called “p**n star position”: Chest up, back arched, glutes tight and proudly presented. One thing to remember is that one error in spine position will result in compensation error in other place [knees, ankles, hips, higher portions of spine, head position]. That’s why it is not easy to detect if low back roundness is a reason for the bad posture or only result of other major pathology.

    5. Shoulder blades/shoulders. I gathered them in one point with cold blood premeditation. From female point of view they are very connected [think abstractive]. Problem number one is constant shoulder blades protraction. Realize – modern life style pushes you to shrugging position all time. Badly designed work desks, lousy sitting style. Shoulder blades get unzipped and winged. It drastically destroys your body composition. What will it lead to besides injury? Your shoulder width gets drastically narrowed and automatically your hips become wider, as addition, your middle beck line become wider, thus making you less female. The second reason is forward shoulder alignment. That’s worth to mention, because often for women it comes from teens age, and its roots are psychological. Often girls are shy of breasts, try to hide them, or on the other side if breasts are too small, they try to squeeze them with shoulders to enlarge them. It can be pathology maker, or another result of other main error. Pathology in that area lead to the swayback, or smaller problem if women is low in body fat – whole spine awfully visible.

    6. Neck. Too much curve – flexion or hyperextension of the neck is most common, and not looked for problem. As in round back – everybody knows about it but do nothing, in neck area – nobody care. And that’s bad. Spine is a spine. One error will result in other. Check this on daily basis as well as in the gym.

    7. Osteoporosis – not to visible, but 100% feel able when it will hit you. That’s modern day women plague. Lack of protein in diet [50 grams of protein daily is a BIG LACK!] and lack of physical activity leads to osteoporosis. Trust me, it’s dangerous, painful. You must do so little to avoid this. Eat proper and train. Not so much? Nope.

    This is only a short list of pathologies and alerts. List is much longer. I mentioned the most visible ones resulting in shaping of your posture. The best thing to do in order to achieve spectacular metamorphosis is to pay a visit to a specialist. I mean “SPECIALIST”, not ordinary bodybuilding coach. Go to Orthopedic m.d. He will examine you, x-ray you etc. He got tools, he got knowledge – your case is bread and butter for him. As I written – one postural/habit/lousy form pathology lead to others. Don’t make mistake and try to do it alone. Doctors don’t bite. If you need to pay for examination – it will be one of the best invested money in your life. Then you need to go to rehab specialist [sometimes same doctor, depending on the country you live in] and grab your rehab training workouts.

    It is important and should be done. If you forget this – in 99% of times your metamorphosis will result in failure. That’s why you don’t see so many reshapes among your friends. They forget about most important part – brining order to your posture. If body can’t work as designed by nature– forget that it will look like alfa female body.
    It is easy to manipulate your “frontal body shape”. Relearning the motion in hips and knees will put a change in your hips width. Taking care about scapula and shoulder will change the width of shoulder width. And trust me – changes are fast and spectacular. Like magic wand. Bang – you are broader/thinner. That is a result of proper posture correction. The basic body shape is a result of pathologies, normal and pathological muscle development, bone structure and body fat level and body fat tendencies.
    You must realize – your body is three dimensional – visible from many sites – not two dimensional shape visible only from front. You can be aligned to left, to front, wrongly curved, overstretched, shortened to one side or in one place. Pathology in structure will lead to improper muscle/fat development – that’s the reason some of you for example – got big buttocks, and some are flat. That’s why you can have “big tummy” but no fat, firm breast or hanging, straight legs or x ones, etc. etc.
    Postural balance is just the beginning. It’s the process to bring your body to order, to be able to workout. Often it’s the biggest and fastest change. It’s only phase one, but most of you will alter your body type just clearing this up. So now – go to your doc. Grab rehab plan. 1-3 months and you will see drastic change. Sometimes you will get clearance to train at gym simultaneously. Full metamorphosis is a big complicated thing. Everyone can achieve this, but you need a plan! We will cover every aspect for you. But you must cooperate. If not – you will fail. Don’t be like the rest. Want a change – do a change.

    In next parts we will talk about reshaping specific body parts, creating reality and illusions, changing proportions, making your butt bigger/smaller in shape YOU prefer, making your breast bigger/firmer, proper diet, workouts, reducing body fat, strength, muscles, myths, reasons of failure and many more. Complete guide for your individual goal. Remember – natural bodybuilding is a way of life, giving you a tool to be more sexy and more female. More “women” in women.


    Image: Stefano Valle / FreeDigitalPhotos.net